Atake mp3 Single by Slapshock
  • 1 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:05


Excellent heavy metal from the Phillipines, this tune proves that their are no boundaries when it comes to all out assaults and this band can hold their own with any metal band out there today. The Lamb of God comparisons are inevitable but they simply use to their advantage by applying a similar formula. Beginning the tune heavy right away with just a little interspersing of melody works on this song, and when it picks up in double time during the second half of the song, it's borderline metal bliss. The vocals are perfect, never diverging too much from the guttural bottom end to the more vocal breaks, in other words it doesn't jar the listener like some newer metal can b guilty of. Very good tune, that will make you pursue the rest of their albums.