AVA 10 Years: Past Present & Future by Various Artists

AVA 10 Years: Past Present & Future

by Various Artists

  • 62 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:45:01


1.Make U Mine (Railpressureflip Intro Mix)by David West6:36
2.Silver Lining (Tell Me) (Myon at Albion Vocal Mix) (feat. Mat Zo & Einat)by Jav D9:11
3.Stadium Four (and Andy Moor)by Lange7:25
4.Year Zero (Andy Moor's First Light Remix) (and Orkidea)by Andy Moor9:33
5.Metaverse (Gareth Emery Remix)by Orkidea9:21
6.World To Turn (Club Mix) (and Ashley Wallbridge feat. Gabriela)by Andy Moor6:50
7.Eighties 2014 (and Yilmaz Altanhan)by Faruk Sabanci6:29
8.In Your Arms (feat. Jessica Sweetman)by Andy Moor7:12
9.Grotesque (and Alex M.O.R.P.H.)by RAM6:49
10.Lektaby Sean Tyas6:53
11.I Beby Andy Moor6:54
12.Jynxby Ashley Wallbridge7:31
13.Tears (feat. Linnea Schossow)by Ben Nicky8:00
14.Superstarby Luke Bond5:42
15.Fade To Lightby Andy Moor7:53
16.Love Again (Andrew Rayel Remix) (and Betsie Larkin)by Andy Moor6:47
17.Halo (feat. Melissa Loretta)by Omnia7:33
18.Faces (feat. Meighan Nealon)by Andy Moor8:33
19.Fight the Fire (feat. Sue McLaren)by Andy Moor4:14
20.Saved You (feat. Melissa Loretta)by Yuri Kane7:08
21.Ava 10 Years Past (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:18:29
22.In Voyage (Extended Mix) (and Max Denoise)by Harnam3:23
23.A Prioriby Hazem Beltagui5:30
24.Montego (Northia Remix)by Joseph Areas5:39
25.Icy Lifeby Arman Bahrami4:53
26.Bleeding Heartby ReSeize3:48
27.Holding Onby Sheridan Grout3:20
28.Look Back (and Somna)by Andy Moor6:00
29.Freelancerby Sense86:39
30.Stadium Four (Hazem Beltagui Remix) (and Andy Moor)by Lange6:24
31.Hearts At War (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)by Yang7:09
32.One Chance (Extended Mix) (and Michele C.)by Sheridan Grout3:49
33.Come Back Tonight (and Yang feat. James Darcy)by Somna5:49
34.Love Again (Somna Remix) (and Betsie Larkin)by Andy Moor6:39
35.Robot Future (Jorza Remix)by Mike Saint-Jules3:32
36.One Thing About You (Eximinds Remix) (and Somna feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)by Andy Moor3:18
37.Pumaby Sheridan Grout5:35
38.Coming Undone (Spark & Shade Remix) (and Michele C.)by VENIICE3:16
39.Tresspass (Antillas & Dankann 2016 Rework) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Andy Moor5:56
40.We Can Be Free (Alex Ender Remix) (and Michele C.)by Andy Moor4:18
41.Andromedaby Eximinds5:38
42.Ava 10 Years Present & Future 1 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:15:45
43.Because You're Here (Mixail Remix) (and Jennifer Rene) (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna7:11
44.Wild Horses (Harry Square Remix) (and Adara)by Hazem Beltagui3:41
45.Guardiansby Davey Asprey6:55
46.Faces (Somna Remix) (and Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon)by Andy Moor5:40
47.Prometheusby Vadim Bonkraskov2:57
48.Sky Dancer (Somna Remix) (feat. Anna Toth)by Hans Seo4:13
49.She Moves (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) (feat. Carrie Skipper)by Andy Moor6:32
50.Resurrection (Indecent Noise Remix)by Andy Moor7:26
51.Healing Rain (Bryan Kearney Remix) (feat. Roxanne Emery)by Easton6:44
52.So Much More (Saad Ayub Remix) (and Carrie Skipper)by Andy Moor6:57
53.Highest Hopes (Manuel Rocca Remix) (and Max Millian)by Sean Mathews3:39
54.Hands (A.R.D.I. Remix) (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna6:17
55.Nova (Amos & Riot Night Remix)by Arman Bahrami4:40
56.Back To Life (Daniel Skyver Remix) (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna7:46
57.Awakening (Assaf Remix) (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna4:00
58.I'll Be Your Angel (Matt Chowski Remix) (feat. Natalie Gioia)by Eximinds3:57
59.Fell for You (Cold Rush Remix) (and Diana Leah)by Somna3:20
60.World To Turn (Allen & Envy Remix) (and Ashley Wallbridge feat. Gabriela)by Andy Moor5:57
61.Not Afraid (Adam Ellis Remix) (and Andy Moor)by Betsie Larkin7:40
62.Ava 10 Years Present & Future 2 (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists1:18:06

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