Azura Trance Selections mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Azura Trance Selectionsby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:05:56


1.God's Particle (Time Machine Mix)by Aevus7:36
2.Firewire (Andrea Ribeca 2020 Remix)by Andrea Ribeca6:48
3.The Vision 2020 (Les Hemstock Remix)by Mario Più6:17
4.Amaterasu (Original Mix)by Aevus8:21
5.Masaai (Original Mix)by Mario Più/Matteo Marini6:49
6.Aurora (Original Mix)by FLRK!6:38
7.Beautiful (Original Mix)by Hemstock & Jennings/Jan Johnston6:49
8.Unfailing Love (Extended Mix)by Fher Vizzuett7:37
9.Song of The Abyss (Niode Remix)by Cj S.a.y.6:29
10.Toward the Sun (Original Mix)by Dmpv7:34
11.The Storm (Original Mix)by Nic Vegter8:15
12.Magik Moonlight (Original Mix)by Aevus/The Red Ronin6:11
13.Bushido (Extended Mix)by Empiric5:37
14.Plasma Rain (Original Mix)by Cj S.a.y.8:16
15.Haarp (Original Mix)by FabRick6:27
16.Direct Contact (Marcell Stone Remix)by Enfortro/Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov7:02
17.Sogni Progressivi (Andrea Ribeca, Riialto Remix)by Andrea Ribeca7:29
18.Ascension (2019 Extended Mix)by Les Hemstock6:24
19.Cyberfly (Andrea Ribeca 2020 Reedit)by Andrea Ribeca/Lokka Vox7:49
20.G-Force (Joram Smit Remix)by Christina Ashlee7:14
21.Arkadia (Original Mix)by Legacy One6:32
22.Frozen Tears (Original Mix)by Karl Schaap8:35
23.Felipe (Original Mix)by Gustavo TFB8:04
24.No Retreat No Surrender (Mercurial Virus Remix)by Andy Cain6:27
25.XXIV7 (Original Mix)by F.E.B6:53
26.Encanto (Original Mix)by Andrea Ribeca/Aevus7:43