B-Sides & Rarities mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

B-Sides & Raritiesby Various Artists

  • 161 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 12:56:33


Disk #1

1.The Exploding Boyby The Cure2:50
2.A Few Hours After Thisby The Cure2:29
3.Six Different Ways (Live)by The Cure3:29
4.Push (Live)by The Cure4:39
5.Close To Me (12'' Mix)by The Cure6:33
6.A Man Inside My Mouthby The Cure3:06
7.Stop Deadby The Cure4:02
8.New Dayby The Cure4:08
9.Why Can't I Be You (Extended Mix)by The Cure8:09
10.A Japanese Dream (Extended Mix)by The Cure5:47
11.Hey You !!!by The Cure2:22
12.Snow In Summerby The Cure3:26
13.Sugar Girlby The Cure3:14
14.Hot Hot Hot !!!by The Cure3:37
15.Hey You !!! (Extended Remix)by The Cure4:07
16.Killing An Arab (Live)by The Cure2:31
17.10-15 Saturday Night (Live)by The Cure3:48
18.Fire In Cairo (Live)by The Cure3:21
19.Boys Don't Cry (Live)by The Cure2:47
20.Lullaby (Remix)by The Cure4:11

Disk #2

1.I Dig Youby Cult Hero3:27
2.World Warby The Cure2:37
3.Let's Go To Bed (Extended Mix)by The Cure7:45
4.Just One Kiss (Extended Mix)by The Cure7:18
5.The Lovecats (Extended Version)by The Cure4:38
6.In Between Days (Extended Version)by The Cure4:00
7.Boys Don't Cry (New Voice - Club Mix)by The Cure5:32
8.Boys Don't Cry (New Voice - New Mix)by The Cure2:39
9.Just Like Heaven (Remix)by The Cure3:31
10.Breatheby The Cure4:48
11.Chain Of Flowersby The Cure4:54
12.Icing Sugar (New Mix)by The Cure3:21
13.To The Skyby The Cure5:16
14.Lovesong (Remix)by The Cure3:29
15.Never Enoughby The Cure4:26
16.Pictures Of You (Extended Remix)by The Cure8:06
17.High (Single Mix)by The Cure3:35

Disk #3

1.Babbleby The Cure4:24
2.Out Of Mindby The Cure3:53
3.Fascination Street (Remix)by The Cure4:22
4.2 Lateby The Cure2:42
5.Fear Of Ghostsby The Cure6:49
6.Pictures Of You (Remix)by The Cure4:47
7.Harold And Joeby The Cure5:08
8.Lets Go To Bed (Milk Mix)by The Cure7:14
9.Close To Me (Closest Mix)by The Cure4:19
10.Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix)by The Cure3:44
11.Primary (Red Mix)by The Cure7:12
12.Inbetween Days (Shiver Mix) (Edit Of LP Version)by The Cure3:56
13.Hello, I Love Youby The Cure3:28
14.Hello, I Love You (Slight Return)by The Cure0:10
15.This Twilight Gardenby The Cure4:46
16.Playby The Cure4:36
17.High (Higher Mix)by The Cure7:14

Disk #4

1.Open (Fix Mix)by The Cure6:51
2.Haloby The Cure3:48
3.Scared As Youby The Cure4:15
4.Friday I'm In Love (Strangelove Mix)by The Cure5:29
5.The Big Handby The Cure4:56
6.A Foolish Arrangementby The Cure3:53
7.A Letter To Elise (Blue Mix)by The Cure6:37
8.A Letter To Elise (7'' Remix Edit)by The Cure4:22
9.A Letter To Elise (12'' Extended Remix)by The Cure7:07
10.Tape (Intro)by The Cure3:07
11.Purple Hazeby The Cure5:22
12.Burnby The Cure6:39
13.Young Americansby The Cure6:21
14.Dredd Songby The Cure4:20
15.The 13th (Swing Radio Mix)by The Cure4:16

Disk #5

1.The 13th (Two Chord Cool Mix)by The Cure4:10
2.It Used To Be Meby The Cure6:59
3.Oceanby The Cure3:29
4.Adonaisby The Cure4:11
5.The 13th (Killer Bee Mix)by The Cure4:15
6.Mint Car (Electric Mix)by The Cure3:32
7.Waitingby The Cure3:33
8.A Pink Dreamby The Cure3:46
9.Mint Car (Buskers Mix)by The Cure3:29
10.Mint Car (Radio Mix)by The Cure3:30
11.Homeby The Cure3:23
12.Gone! (Radio Mix)by The Cure4:28
13.Gone! (Critter Mix)by The Cure4:27
14.Gone! (Ultra Living Mix)by The Cure5:35
15.Gone! (Spacer Mix)by The Cure6:32
16.Strange Attraction (Adrian Sherwood Mix)by The Cure4:22
17.The 13th (Feels Good Mix)by The Cure6:09

Disk #6

1.This Is A Lie (Ambient Mix)by The Cure4:32
2.Strange Attraction (Strange Mix)by The Cure4:19
3.Want (Live)by The Cure5:02
4.Club America (Live)by The Cure4:45
5.Mint Car (Live)by The Cure3:24
6.Trap (Live)by The Cure3:33
7.Treasure (Live)by The Cure3:19
8.Wrong Number (Analogue Exchange Mix)by The Cure4:53
9.Wrong Number (P2P Mix)by The Cure8:15
10.Wrong Number (Crossed Line Mix)by The Cure8:36
11.Wrong Number (ISDN Mix)by The Cure7:09
12.Wrong Number (Digital Exchange Mix)by The Cure7:09
13.Wrong Number (Dub Analogue Exchange Mix)by The Cure5:35
14.A Sign From Godby Cogasm3:43
15.More Than Thisby The Cure5:11

Disk #7

1.World In My Eyesby The Cure4:52
2.Out Of This World (Radio Edit)by The Cure4:44
3.Coming Upby The Cure6:26
4.Maybe Someday (Radio Edit)by The Cure4:00
5.Maybe Someday (Hybrid Mix Radio Edit)by The Cure3:39
6.Maybe Someday (Dance Mix)by The Cure4:58
7.Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix)by The Cure5:00
8.Watching Me Fall (Underdog Remix)by The Cure7:45
9.Yesterday's Goneby Reeves Gabrels5:18
10.Signal To Noiseby The Cure4:07
11.Cut Here (Missing Remix)by The Cure5:51
12.One Hundred Years (Live)by The Cure6:55
13.Pictures Of You (Live)by The Cure7:28
14.Maybe Someday (Live)by The Cure5:09

Disk #8

1.The End Of The World (Radio Edit)by The Cure3:34
2.This Morningby The Cure7:16
3.Fakeby The Cure4:43
4.Truth Goodness And Beautyby The Cure4:20
5.Going Nowhereby The Cure3:28
6.alt.end (Single Edit)by The Cure3:00
7.Why Can't I Be Meby The Cure4:17
8.Your God Is Fearby The Cure5:06
9.Da Hype (Vocal Single Version)by Junior Jack3:04
10.Da Hype (Junior Jack Original Club Mix)by Junior Jack9:25
11.Da Hype (Warren Clarke Vocal Dub Mix)by Junior Jack7:42
12.Da Hype (Extended Vocal Version)by Junior Jack9:27
13.Loveby The Cure3:16
14.Pleaseby Paul Hartnoll4:04
15.The Only One (Mix 13)by The Cure3:57

Disk #9

1.NY Tripby The Cure3:38
2.Freakshow (Mix 13)by The Cure2:32
3.All Kinds Of Stuffby The Cure3:13
4.Sleep When I'm Dead (Mix 13)by The Cure3:51
5.Down Underby The Cure3:05
6.The Perfect Boy (Mix 13)by The Cure3:24
7.Without Youby The Cure4:12
8.The Only One (Remix4 By 30 Seconds To Mars)by The Cure4:25
9.Freakshow (Wolves At The Gate Remix By Jade Puget)by The Cure3:18
10.Sleep When I'm Dead (Remix4 By Gerard Way And Julien K)by The Cure4:04
11.The Perfect Boy (Remix4 By Patrick Stump_Pete Wenz)by The Cure3:51
12.Exploding Head Syndrome (4 Single Remix By 65 Days Of Static)by The Cure21:27
13.Underneath The Stars (Renholder Remix)by The Cure3:36
14.Very Good Adviceby Robert Smith2:58
15.Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith)by Crystal Castles3:48
16.Take Foreverby The Japanese Popstars5:53

Disk #10

1.Perfect Blue Skyby Junkie XL4:11
2.All Of Thisby Blink 1824:40
3.Believeby Earl Slick3:40
4.A Forest (Original Mix)by Blank & Jones6:58
5.Truth Isby Tweaker4:03
6.Pictures Of You (Paulmac Remix)by Robert Smith4:23
7.The Dragon Hunters Songby The Cure3:20
8.J'aurai Tout Essayeby Anik Jean3:51
9.Come To Meby 65daysofstatic8:00
10.Small Hoursby Robert Smith7:54
11.Witchcraftby Robert Smith4:13
12.Apart (Renholder Remix)by The Cure6:38
13.Hello Goodbyeby The Cure4:02
14.C Moonby Robert Smith4:39
15.Pleaseby 8-586:35