Bastards Born of Metal by Kortanica

Bastards Born of Metal

by Kortanica

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:39:56


1.Self Holocaust4:18
2.I'm a Fucking Cockroach3:42
3.I'll Be Your Fucking Guide3:36
4.You Can't Box Me In2:32
5.A Sharp Steel Knife3:38
6.My Old Dogs are Coming Home4:24
7.Now I'm Here to Annihilate5:27
8.Bury Me Deep5:20
9.52 Names6:31
10.14 Days in Hell5:03
11.Let Me Be4:23
12.All You Have Become4:15
13.Hollow Void5:26
14.Beside Me No More4:33
15.We are Pagan Bastards (Extreme Version)4:03
16.The Haunting of Him (Extreme Version)4:06
17.A Beautiful Depression (Extreme Version)6:01
18.Through the Shrieking of the Lost (Extreme Version)4:32
19.Concrete Blocks6:33
20.Bastards Born of Metal5:07
21.Painted Faces6:26