Beach Grooves Maretimo, Vol. 3 (House & Chill Sounds to Groove & Relax) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Beach Grooves Maretimo, Vol. 3 (House & Chill Sounds to Groove & Relax)by Various Artists

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:42:40


1.I Got The Feeling (Rock Da Pool Cut)by Phil Kinley6:32
2.Ibiza Overflight (Vibes & Bytes Mix)by Adriatic Grooves6:14
3.House On The Beach (Chillers Mix)by Pascal Dubois4:36
4.Conga Morena (Latin Bossa Cut)by Groove Gauchos4:59
5.Vintage Vibe (Spring Groove Cut)by Airstream5:24
6.Sunny Days (You & I Mix) (feat. Phil Kinley)by Clublife5:08
7.Sleep On The Beach (The House Cut)by Vladi Strecker6:50
8.Cafe Internacional (Erotic House Cut)by DJ Maretimo4:55
9.Moonlight House (Flyover Cut)by Pascal Dubois4:20
10.Music In You (E-Cussion Mix)by Adriatic Grooves5:41
11.Sky Above The Sea (Sunshine Mix)by Vladi Strecker6:00
12.Remember (Sunset Dream Mix)by Cinematic6:33
13.La Serana (Skyline Groove Cut) (feat. Phil Kinley)by Airstream5:06
14.Jeso Creadu (Paraiso Verda Mix)by Miss Lopez5:32
15.Momento De Sonho (Slow Motion Mix) (feat. Miss Lopez)by DJ Maretimo4:58
16.Coqueta (Positive Vibes Mix)by Adriatic Grooves5:34
17.True Love (Poolbreeze Mix)by Cinematic8:16
18.Childhood (Empty Beach Cut)by Poolwave6:02