Beautiful Vocal Trance, Chapter 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Beautiful Vocal Trance, Chapter 2by Various Artists

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:09:28


1.An Autumn Tale (Original Mix) (and Ana Criado)by Beat Service5:10
2.Older (Costa Extended Remix) (feat. Alina Renae)by Nicholas Gunn8:18
3.I'm Still Here (Original Mix) (and Fashion Police feat. Cynthia Hall)by Witness456:17
4.Strong (Original Mix) (feat. Sue McLaren)by Tenishia5:03
5.Beyond Time (Aurosonic Extended Mix) (feat. Ellie Lawson)by Raz Nitzan6:09
6.What Matters Most (Original Mix) (feat. Fridolijn)by 4 Strings5:17
7.Don't Forget Our Love (Extended Mix) (feat. Danny Claire)by Tom Boldt5:47
8.We Still Have Each Other (Extended Mix) (feat. Emma Horan)by Frainbreeze6:11
9.My Good Place (Progressive Mix) (feat. Katty Heath)by Aurosonic7:28
10.Yesterdays & Futures (Original Mix) (feat. Sylvia Brandse)by Store N Forward5:52
11.Someone Else's Lover (Extended Mix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Raz Nitzan6:04
12.A Million Memories (Extended Mix)by Susana6:46
13.Embrace You (Orbion Remix)by Jo Cartwright5:39
14.I Will Wait For You (Original Mix) (feat. Hanna Finsen)by Costa8:14
15.Reverie (Original Mix) (and Caitlin Stubbs)by Noise Zoo6:22
16.Slipping Within (Extended Mix) (feat. Nina Sung)by Daniel van Sand5:59
17.River Of Light (Original Mix) (feat. Sarah Russell)by The Blizzard7:04
18.Breathe Again (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)by Audrey Gallagher8:02
19.Water Colour Memories (Extended Mix) (and Exolight)by Suncatcher7:11
20.Arms Wide Open (Cold Rush Remix) (and JP Bates)by Denise Rivera7:24
21.Its Now (Original Mix) (feat. Alana Aldea)by Karanda6:21
22.Awake (Xtigma Remix) (feat. Molly Bancroft)by Tucandeo5:59
23.Eternity (Original Mix) (and Esmee Bor Stotijn)by Trance Classics3:36
24.Reasons Later (Original Mix) (feat. Jess Morgan)by Two&One8:26
25.Agree To Disagree (Original Mix) (vs. Yura Moonlight & Gemma Pavlovic)by Dart Rayne7:18
26.You Deserve Life (Mino Safy Remix) (and Cathy Burton)by Kaimo K7:09
27.The Rest Of Me (Extended Mix) (feat. Kim Casandra)by Phillip J7:30
28.Lost & Free (Extended Mix) (feat. Lauren Ni Chasaide)by Elite Electronic6:24
29.Clear As The Sky (Extended Mix) (feat. Sarah Lynn)by Nitrous Oxide6:28

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