Beautiful Vocal Trance, Chapter 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Beautiful Vocal Trance, Chapter 3by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:49:42


1.What Else Is There To Love (Original Mix) (vs. Neev Kennedy & Bote)by Aurosonic3:31
2.Always (Original Mix) (feat. Cathy Burton)by Costa3:38
3.So Much Of Me Is You (Radio Edit) (and Ana Criado)by Beat Service3:33
4.A Brand New Day (Original Mix) (feat. Susanne Teutenberg)by 4 Strings2:53
5.Echo Of My Soul (Denis Kenzo Remix) (feat. Maria Nayler)by Raz Nitzan3:38
6.Agree To Disagree (Radio Edit) (vs. Yura Moonlight feat. Gemma Pavlovic)by Dart Rayne3:35
7.This Imaginary Love (Radio Edit) (feat. Sarah Lynn & Yana Chernysheva)by Aurosonic4:13
8.My Heart Won't Tell You No (Frainbreeze Remix) (feat. Ana Criado)by Stoneface & Terminal3:07
9.Illuminate (Original Mix) (feat. Ellie Lawson)by Costa3:52
10.Another Day Without Sunrise (Denis Neve Edit) (feat. Jo Cartwright)by Eximinds3:22
11.Diamond Dancing Sea (Radio Edit) (feat. Linnea Schossow)by Store N Forward3:56
12.Nothing Remains (Radio Edit)by Victoriya4:11
13.Northern Lights (Radio Edit) (and Esmee Bor Stotijn)by Tucandeo3:20
14.Let Happiness In (Original Mix) (feat. Stephanie Reyes)by Tom Boldt3:22
15.My Heart Wins (Original Mix) (feat. Sue Mclaren)by San3:49
16.Room For Doubt (Original Mix) (feat. Fenna Day)by Raz Nitzan3:34
17.Lost In Space (Mark Otten Edit) (and Shannon Hurley)by Julian Vincent3:24
18.Falling (Original Mix)by Michael Fearon3:39
19.Wait For You (Radio Edit) (feat. Diana Leah)by The Opposiz4:06
20.This World Within You (Radio Edit) (feat. Cynthia Hall)by Costa3:53
21.Water Runs Dry (Melo Edit) (feat. Sarah Lynn)by Hazem Beltagui3:51
22.Serenade (Original Mix) (vs. Sollito feat. Cathy Burton & Jillenhans)by Seawayz3:09
23.Story Untold (Radio Edit) (feat. Sarah Russell)by Somna4:00
24.Never Ever After (Radio Edit) (feat. Sue Mclaren)by 4 Strings3:36
25.Where Did You Go (Limelght Remix)by Little Warrior3:43
26.A Cage Of Thoughts (Original Mix) (feat. Hanna Finsen)by Patrik Humann3:44
27.Gone (Original Mix) (and Fisher)by Karanda3:46
28.The Promise (Original Mix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Susana3:45
29.Tapestry Of Us (Original Mix) (vs. Enzo feat. Jess Morgan)by Alan Morris3:48
30.Letting Me Go (Radio Edit) (feat. Cate Kanell)by Sneijder3:44