1.What's The Matter Now?2:43
2.I Want Every Bit Of It2:55
3.That's The Blues2:57
4.4-F Blues2:17
5.G.I. Blues2:36
6.Dream Of You2:52
7.Seventh Avenue2:53
8.Sorta Kinda3:02
9.Oh, Oh, My, My, Ooh, Ooh2:48
10.Groovin' High2:41
11.All The Things You Are2:48
12.Dizzy Atmosphere2:49
13.Salt Peanuts3:15
14.Shaw 'Nuff3:00
15.Lover Man3:22
16.Hot House3:08
17.What More Can A Woman Do?3:01
18.I'd Rather Have A Memory2:42
19.Mean To Me2:38
20.Sweet Georgia Brown3:19
21.Lover, Come Back To Me3:28