Bebop Story, Volume 18 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bebop Story, Volume 18by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:23


1.One Bass Hit (Part 1)by Dizzy Gillespie2:54
2.Oop Bop Sh'bamby Dizzy Gillespie2:59
3.A Handfulla Gimmeby Dizzy Gillespie3:03
4.That's Earl, Brotherby Dizzy Gillespie2:42
5.Our Delightby Dizzy Gillespie2:31
6.Good Dues Bluesby Dizzy Gillespie3:00
7.One Bass Hit (Part 2)by Dizzy Gillespie2:54
8.Ray's Ideaby Dizzy Gillespie2:21
9.Things To Comeby Dizzy Gillespie2:47
10.He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped (1)by Dizzy Gillespie2:41
11.He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped (2)by Dizzy Gillespie2:42
12.For Hecklers Onlyby Ray Brown's All-Stars2:57
13.Smokey Hollow Jumpby Ray Brown's All-Stars3:00
14.Boppin' The Bluesby Ray Brown's All-Stars3:06
15.Moody Speaksby Ray Brown's All-Stars2:32
16.Ow! (1)by Dizzy Gillespie5:06
17.I Waited For Youby Dizzy Gillespie3:05
18.Emanonby Dizzy Gillespie3:05
19.Ow! (2)by Dizzy Gillespie2:55
20.Oop-Pop-A-Daby Dizzy Gillespie3:09
21.Two Bass Hitby Dizzy Gillespie2:45
22.Stay On Itby Dizzy Gillespie3:09

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