Bebop Story, Volume 78 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bebop Story, Volume 78by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:31


1.All Night, All Frantic (with The Be Bop Boys)by Allen Eager2:35
2.Donald Jay (with The Be Bop Boys)by Allen Eager2:32
3.Meeskite (with The Be Bop Boys)by Allen Eager2:57
4.And That's For Sure (with The Be Bop Boys)by Allen Eager2:51
5.Pardon My Bopby Stan Getz Quintet3:20
6.Pardon My Bopby Stan Getz Quintet2:38
7.Pardon My Bopby Stan Getz Quintet2:34
8.As I Live And Bop (Bopcycle)by Stan Getz Quintet3:01
9.Interlude In Bebop (Bopelbath)by Stan Getz Quintet2:11
10.Interlude In Bebopby Stan Getz Quintet2:47
11.Pinhead (Allen)by Stan Getz Quintet2:41
12.Pinhead (Diaper Pin)by Stan Getz Quintet2:38
13.Pogo Stickby Allen Eager Quartet2:41
14.Alley Talk (Bow Tie)by Allen Eager Quartet2:49
15.The Way You Look Tonightby Allen Eager Quartet2:56
16.Brew Blewby Brew Moore Quartet2:54
17.Brew Blewby Brew Moore Quartet2:34
18.No More Brewby Brew Moore Quartet2:51
19.More Brewby Brew Moore Quartet3:01
20.Frosty (Getz)by Stan Getz Orchestra3:00