Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Four mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Fourby Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:44:24


1.Bedroom Cassette Masters Introduction to Volume Fourby Carrillion0:51
2.Tattooby Laugh Clown Laugh2:24
3.Production Lineby Cliche2:55
4.Festerby The Urban Molluscs3:32
5.Tea With Maryby Frozen Lonesome2:41
6.Proximityby Vile Electrodes4:45
7.The Smokerby Rocky Siffredo3:44
8.Tiger Girlby MCM904:11
9.Cheap Talkby Gervex2:36
10.Soolin I Love Youby Casimir Engine3:51
11.Tiredby Laker-Herzog3:51
12.A Warm Workoutby Ray Diode1:28
13.I Need More Quartersby Tribrix3:18
14.The Fear (and The Implicit Order)by Mary Shelley1:48
15.Tachyon Transferby Jason Proctor2:55
16.I've Triedby Droneseed1:41
17.Protect and Surviveby Horizon 2003:12
18.Y-E-Sby London Toy Machine1:53
19.Space Helmet (extract)by Carrillion3:04
20.Mourning At Midnightby Tenderlash4:32
21.The Fourth Manby A Silver Age2:31
22.Warp Rocketby Great Scotty2:26
23.Tecnoplop (no world music)by City Limits3:22
24.Trista Novaby Mad Masks3:04
25.Autumnby kompakt-katya3:09
26.Perfectionby Stress2:12
27.Saragossa Disambiguationby Denial of Service3:59
28.Wizard's Pupilby Mild Peril4:36
29.When You Fall In Loveby The Boy Called Hedge2:49
30.Dareby The Fourth Man4:17
31.What's Inside My Headby Zipoid P3:59
32.Dream of Entropyby United Simesky Institutes3:43
33.Summertimeby GliGli3:09
34.Space For The Prizeby Broken Machine Films1:56