Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Nine mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Nineby Various Artists

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:12:23


1.Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume Nine Introby Carrillion0:49
2.Strange Little Girlby Exit2:52
3.Dance On Glassby Mind Machine3:17
4.Turning Backby 7DD93:15
5.This Feelingby A Silver Age3:23
6.Stock Market Crashby Patrick Wray2:35
7.Moonrise#43by Broken Machine Films3:34
8.Eight By Eightby GK Machine5:33
9.Touchby Negative Response4:05
10.Love Is Like A Mirrorby Lost in Stars2:49
11.The Halo Effectby Martin Mensik2:59
12.Dark Silenceby Stumm Stimme2:51
13.Rockpools and Paddling Poolsby Own Brand2:09
14.Vigilanceby Base 2113:56
15.Taxi Dancerby Laugh Clown Laugh3:00
16.Diacuteby Panamint Manse3:46
17.Sport Dayby Alpha Field5:23
18.Underworldby Damien Blue2:14
19.Computer Oneby Izera3:47
20.Équatorial IVby Pierre Crotté3:10
21.Hunted Gameby Tribrix3:16
22.Leaving Himby Carrillion3:55
23.Who Invented The Set Upby Athena3:16
24.GPOTby Djurkliniken2:51
25.Hanover Squareby Not Valid for Travel2:59
26.Satisfyby Introflirt3:36
27.Putney Trundleby The Urban Molluscs3:13
28.Lyr Seq 01by Jhh Lowengard5:28
29.Tabesby Mad Masks6:27
30.Attitude Dx $olidby Zipoid P3:27
31.Dream In Tangerineby Ray Diode3:59
32.Interferon No Interferonby Colin Ferguson4:11
33.2 Barby Kalou3:13
34.Dunneby Rasal.Asad2:46
35.Help Comes Too lateby Stress3:11
36.Isotopes In The Rainby 80882:37
37.Dolphins On Drugsby Anton Barbeau5:34
38.The City Becomes A Forestby Walt Thisney2:57