Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume One mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Oneby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:37:15


1.Bedroom Cassette Masters Introductionby Carrillion1:06
2.Nothing Changesby Fayshalarts4:46
3.Tout si qui c'est Passéby Orphée3:52
4.The Sound of My Heartby Barbarella2:40
5.The Other Townby Joey Jay3:44
6.Dallas Road Tripby Brickface3:53
7.Autumn Voicesby Paolo Di Nicolantonio2:48
8.Plan Chestby Carrillion3:10
9.Irtiby Sieja2:01
10.Chain Reactionby Another Way3:45
11.Subways & Passagesby Hard Sell3:19
12.Coal, Not Doleby Noize Level3:02
13.Shocking the Windby Alpha Field2:36
14.Le Manège Hantéeby The Betes Noires4:06
15.I See You (I Am Empty)by Tribrix3:14
16.Equatorial VIby Pierre Crotté2:32
17.Desiring Youby MCM904:08
18.Blood on the Autobahnby Caligari4:05
19.Exit to Mayaby Adrian Slatcher4:22
20.Leanaí Amhránby Sliverfish3:22
21.Szabadgyalogby Ghosts of Glamis3:02
22.Riding to Diana'sby Twigwidge4:08
23.Animol Instinxby Antennae3:40
24.I Really Want To!by Square Phaze3:49
25.Swing Orbit Part Oneby The Kepler Project3:43
26.Gumwood Parkby Eric Covington3:00
27.Cactus Posséby Timpo Cowboys2:47
28.Premios Annuales número 2by Aries 871:39
29.On the Decline of the Lesser Spotted Punkby Zoo Fresh Electric2:26
30.NOZHAby kompakt-katya2:30