Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Three mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Threeby Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:33:11


1.Bedroom Cassette Masters introduction to Volume Threeby Carrillion0:46
2.I Dreamt I was Deadby Cliche3:56
3.Attack (BCM edit)by Trigger B3:24
4.You Must Goby Fayshalarts4:04
5.The Dear Departedby Ray Diode3:04
6.Swinging on a Triangleby London Toy Machine2:48
7.Number in a Bookby Phil Clarke3:54
8.Mars Day Tripby Cheap Booster Rocket3:13
9.Submarinerby MCM903:10
10.Song of the Futureby Machines Nodding In Rhythm2:02
11.Junoby Saturnine3:26
12.Cold Decadeby Silent EM3:47
13.Rubáiyátby Stylogirl3:04
14.Puppet Danceby Eric Covington3:12
15.Recuerdos de playaby Sirena1:50
16.Emordby Pong3:13
17.Pictorial Action IIIby Carrillion2:14
18.Plastic Lips and Metal Bonesby Tribrix3:37
19.That Shit Was Niceby Zipoid P2:47
20.Lisaby The Urban Molluscs3:43
21.Then We Caveby Parker Tichko3:37
22.Caer-Marchby Brecon Beacon3:03
23.Cinematicby Alan Cawthorne3:26
24.Cheap Sexby Gervex2:41
25.Auto-immuneby Denial of Service3:57
26.Summer Loveby Ktroneb3:20
27.Bikini Bombby Avebury2:16
28.Abandoned Dance Partyby Frozen Lonesome2:43
29.Space Research 2by Broken Machine Films1:15
30.More Synth Punk Madnessby Xtro4:01
31.Intro from Marsby OmniLuxe1:38