Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume X mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89, Volume Xby Various Artists

  • 43 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:22:03


1.Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume X Introby Carrillion0:51
2.HiFi Romanceby PETRA2:56
3.Release Meby Mind Machine3:37
4.Moonscapeby Goldstar3:38
5.On Winter's Shoreby KGB2:09
6.Sulaby Susan Mack3:45
7.Cosmonauta (extract)by Massimo Croce4:58
8.Dune Kingby Function Automat3:57
9.What Would You Like To Know (Racter)by Joe McGinty3:15
10.Let's Go To A Nightclub And Talk About Warby Sistrum2:20
11.Soundtrack 1by Pulselovers5:20
12.Clicks and Lost Notes Filter Sequenceby Jhh Lowengard3:38
13.Ideal Planesby Funharm1:58
14.I Can Rememberby Paul Barrett3:18
15.Drift Awayby KBT1:43
16.Sergio Of Reasonby Martin Christie2:00
17.Time Is Time (extract)by Carrillion2:58
18.A Good Thingby Fleur2:46
19.Shoggoth 2by Ray Diode1:26
20.Reflectsby Silent EM4:24
21.Volcanic Cityby Cyber Monday2:09
22.Ballad For Her September Skyby Silent EM3:37
23.It’s Out of Our Handsby The Welcome Wagon4:22
24.My New Imageby Athena2:08
25.Government Secret (feat. Tony Fish)by Steve Skipper2:22
26.Looking Through Windowsby Darren Saunders3:22
27.This is the Mood (I'm in)by Mistrust4:41
28.You Cannot Will Spontaneityby Uncle Ian3:27
29.A Different Faceby A Silver Age5:30
30.Night Driverby Pea Hix2:04
31.The Clown Problemby Tilton Cult3:14
32.Metamorphosis 7by Chris Richards3:09
33.Pipsby Tranzanalog5:03
34.Looking For Loveby Fayshalarts3:19
35.Ixusby 6025X4:29
36.Citizen Europeby Negative Response3:41
37.Inodioby Mad Masks2:57
38.Loveheart Destructionby Analog783:27
39.Bossa Supa Novaby Solar Cell Kid5:50
40.Sim 1by United Simesky Institutes3:11
41.Camus' Plagueby Tribrix4:14
42.Panégyriqueby *figures not included4:15
43.Station Identby Zenith0:35