Best of Bonkers mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Bonkersby Various Artists

  • 65 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:38:14


Disk #1

1.Give Yourself to Me (Fade & Bananaman remix)by Ikon4:51
2.Higher Love (Slipmatt remix)by J.D.S.4:06
3.People Party (remix) (and Sunset)by Hixxy4:50
4.Harmonyby Force & Styles4:17
5.Techno Storm (Sharkey remix)by The Vampire3:43
6.Wonderlandby Force & Styles4:03
7.Kick Your Legs in the Air (and DNA)by E-Logic4:25
8.The Oneby O.M.G.4:14
9.Have It All (Pan mix)by Triple J5:35
10.24-7by Antisocial4:01
11.Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore mix)by DJ Paul Elstak3:52
12.Burnin' Love (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim 173.683 remix)by Critical Mass4:29
13.Forever Youngby Antisocial4:55
14.Ganjamanby Wedlock3:26
15.Deep in the Undergroundby Lock Jaw3:03
16.Now Who's in Controlby Phoenix3:25
17.Jiiieehaaaaby Diss Reaction3:05
18.Reactorby Lock Jaw3:02
19.The Futureby Nosferatu2:44
20.I'm the Fuck You Manby Wedlock3:35

Disk #2

1.Toytown (Exclusive intro mix) (and Sharkey)by Hixxy2:54
2.Rainbow Islands (Sharkey remix)by Seb1:28
3.Bonkers Anthem (and Sharkey)by DJ Druid3:14
4.U R Everything (and Tekno Dred)by Helix3:06
5.Future Dimensionsby Druid2:00
6.Back to the Topby Brisk & Trixxy2:32
7.Body Slamby Bang the Future1:49
8.Revolutions, Part 2 (Slipmatt remix)by Sharkey1:49
9.Influence (Exclusive Bonkers remix)by DJ Slam2:54
10.Lemonade Raygunby Dj Fury2:42
11.Vertigoby Kevin Energy2:40
12.De Sensitize 98"by Dj Fury2:22
13.Waves of Desireby Kevin Energy3:45
14.The Awakeningby Sharkey3:55
15.Adagioby K Complex3:30
16.Can You Feel It (Acid & Bass VIP mix)by DJ Kaos4:19
17.Get Fuckedby Kaos & Ethos3:47
18.John Peel (Is Not Enough)by CLSM3:07
19.Technorockerby Kaos & Ethos4:31
20.Wicked MC (vs. CLSM)by Sharkey4:11
21.Boom 'N' Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith Bonkers remix)by Marc Smith4:16
22.Oh No! (and Sharkey)by Alas Smith1:47
23.Now Controlby Helix4:26
24.Product of Societyby Sharkey5:25
25.Ultraworld 5by DJ Eclipse3:00

Disk #3

1.We're Droppin' This (Plus System remix) (vs. Scott Brown)by Hyperbass3:45
2.Make You Freakby Plus System3:06
3.Prince of Darknessby Plus System2:00
4.Turn Up the Music (Breeze & Styles remix)by Scott Brown2:36
5.Commenceby Plus System2:00
6.Wakey Wakeyby Scott Brown2:33
7.Neckbreakerby Plus System2:11
8.Bring Me Round to Love (Scott Brown's Evolution remix)by Sy & Unknown2:33
9.Rock You Softlyby Scott Brown3:39
10.All About You (feat. Cat Knight)by Scott Brown2:00
11.Taking Drugs?by Scott Brown2:33
12.This Is How We Do Itby Plus System3:17
13.Elysium+by Scott Brown2:33
14.Angel Eyesby Brisk & Ham3:50
15.Twistby Tommyknocker3:06
16.Earthquakeby Art of Fighters3:44
17.Ghostsby Scott Brown2:50
18.Bastard / Assholeby Hard Creation2:54
19.The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah remix) (vs. Tommyknocker)by The Viper3:59
20.Boomstickby Scott Brown3:55

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