Best of Dacru Records mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Dacru Recordsby Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:03:12


1.Stop Timeby U-Recken7:42
2.Astral Ignitionby Ephedrix7:32
3.Down Underby Aquila7:38
4.Malaby Tropical Bleyage7:25
5.Star Travelby Digicult7:12
6.Eternity (Peace Maker Remix) (and Nitro)by U-Recken7:37
7.In My Mind (DNA Remix) (with Apocalypse & Gilix)by Gataka7:17
8.No Senses (Remix)by Electro Sun7:23
9.Pure Reality (Ephedrix Remix)by Silicon Sound7:39
10.Day Dreamingby Talamasca7:34
11.Death Wish (DJ Nemesis Remix)by Electro Sun6:35
12.This Is Dharmaby Chronos8:39
13.Spirit Worldby Suduaya7:35
14.Dancing Galaxy (DigiCult Remix)by Astral Projection7:05
15.Invocationby Bitkit6:42
16.Mysticby e-mov7:27
17.The Optimist (and Digicult)by U-Recken8:17
18.Ex Universeby Tropical Bleyage7:44
19.The Golden Hornby Atma7:36
20.Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix)by SFX8:37
21.One Love (Kali Remix)by Electric Universe7:02
22.Evolution (DigiCult Remix)by Man With No Name6:31
23.Cosmic Ritualby e-mov7:42
24.Tunnelvision (Spirit Architect Remix)by Bitkit8:02
25.Break Out (Shadow Chronicles Remix)by Protoculture8:17
26.Lost In A Mental Universeby Digicult7:10
27.Freedomby Electric Universe6:33
28.Time & Space (Spirit Architect Remix) (and Burn in Noise)by Avalon8:23
29.Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix)by Sonic Species7:32
30.Mutantsby A-Tech7:14
31.Fluorescence (and Djantrix)by Spirit Architect7:40
32.Spiritual Enlightenment (and Space Travellers)by Abat7:00
33.Syncfloor (Aktyum Remix) (and Modual)by Spirit Architect8:02
34.Conscience Machineby Ilai6:21
35.Desert Calling (and D_Maniac)by Transient Disorder7:30
36.Desert Dreams (and Overdrive)by Insignia6:33
37.Digital Prayer (and Nxa)by Life Extension7:43
38.Etherby Tropical Bleyage8:43
39.Song Of Seraphimby U-Recken8:43
40.Lady Sweet Dreamby Talamasca9:15