Best of Melodic Vocal Trance, Volume 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Melodic Vocal Trance, Volume 3by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:51:30


1.In the Face of Adversity (ReLocate vs. Robert Nickson remix) (and Jo Cartwright)by Aeris8:06
2.Black Diamond (original mix) (and Kate Louise Smith)by Stargazers6:11
3.An Autumn Tale (Kaimo K remix) (and Ana Criado)by Beat Service6:37
4.You Deserve Life (Dennis Pedersen Sense mix) (and Cathy Burton)by Kaimo K7:30
5.Never Meant to Be (original mix) (and Chloe Ama)by BluSkay7:21
6.Daydreamer (original mix) (and Elles de Graaf)by Cold Rush6:47
7.Life Won't Let Us Fall (original mix) (and Cynthia Hall)by Dan Chase7:44
8.In My Heart (original mix) (feat. Dee Dee)by Dreamy7:43
9.To Another Day (original mix) (and Susana)by UCast6:43
10.Learn to Forgive (Farhad Mahdavi remix) (and Sue McLaren)by Hazem Beltagui6:37
11.Sweet Surrender (O.B.M Notion remix) (and Gemma Pavlovic)by Ira6:55
12.Made It Through the Rain (original mix) (and Katty Heath)by Adam Ellis7:36
13.This Time Last Year (original mix) (and Nicole McKenna)by Paul Miller7:04
14.Will You Be There (Factoria remix) (vs. Robert Nickson & Sarah Lynn)by Re:Locate7:18
15.Torn (F.G. Noise remix)by Cathy Burton7:19
16.Embrace You (Maratone remix)by Jo Cartwright6:49
17.Nothing Here but Goodbye (Matt Bukovski remix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Radion66:26
18.Never Let You Down (Cold Rush remix)by Tenishia & Susana6:34
19.Pave the Way With Gold (Type 41 remix) (and Cynthia Hall)by Denis Sender6:58
20.Show You the Way to Go (original mix) (and Chloe Ama)by Amir Hussain7:47
21.Still I Feel (original mix) (and Maria Nayler)by Bart Claessen4:49
22.Would You (original mix) (and Sarah Russell)by Beat Service5:01
23.Emotions Away (original mix) (and Carol Lee)by 4 Strings5:54
24.Where Do I Belong (original mix) (and Hanna Finsen)by C-Systems7:35
25.I Follow (original mix) (and Kate Louise Smith)by Artisan6:06

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