Best of Profound 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Profound 2018by Various Artists

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:33:02


1.Psychedelic Worldby Freak Control7:57
2.Ozrayen (and Mystic)by Strange Blotter7:52
3.Mr.Shaktiby Katharsis7:07
4.Long Distance (vs. Labirinto)by Spinal Fusion7:21
5.Close Encountersby Akasha6:59
6.Lumaby Oniro8:05
7.Indigo Sun (vs. Modual)by Oniro8:08
8.Aeonby Pragmatix6:35
9.Objective 303by Mystic7:11
10.Infiltration Prototypeby NEO9:47
11.Liquid Space Technologyby Insignia6:13
12.Monocromaticby Less Is More7:37
13.Aztec Technologiesby Optimize7:00
14.Universal Resonanceby Inverze7:49
15.A Similar Thoughtby New Point6:24
16.Babu Baboby Katharsis7:18
17.Feel the Forceby Ancient Tribe7:47
18.Drop of Stringsby Exolon8:39
19.Deepby Owntrip7:50
20.Biogeneticby Shenanigan6:58
21.Future (vs. Dktronic)by Akasha8:00
22.An Alien Experienceby Terraspin7:32
23.In My Mindby Mystic8:13
24.Island Vapers (vs. Quantica)by Hypnoise7:57
25.Shizzle Drizzle (vs. Spinal Fusion)by Strange Blotter7:35
26.The Awakening (vs. Spiritual Mind)by Akasha7:20
27.Infinity (and Audiosun)by A-Tech8:08
28.Just a Freakby Freak Control7:40

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