Best of Vocal Trance 2014, Vol. 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Vocal Trance 2014, Vol. 2by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:45


1.Together We Escape (Radio Edit) (and Katty Heath)by Temple One3:45
2.I Wasn't The One (Radio Edit) (and Katty Heath)by Allen & Envy4:25
3.Will Be Forever (UDM Radio Edit) (and Jilliana Danise)by Denis Kenzo3:52
4.Gold In The Sky (Signum Radio Edit) (vs. A.R.D.I. & Sarah Lynn)by Ron Hagen3:50
5.Feel You Here (Beat Service Radio Edit)by Susana4:14
6.Silent Heart (Denis Kenzo Original Main Edit)by Susana2:58
7.Find The Light (Radio Edit) (and Kimberly Hale)by Denis Kenzo3:43
8.Save Me (Denis Kenzo Radio Edit) (and Mino Safy feat. Sarah Russell)by Eranga3:39
9.Feels Right (Radio Mix) (feat. Sarah Russell)by Estiva3:41
10.Keeper Of Your Heart (Radio Edit) (and Rivers)by Johnny Yono3:22
11.Skin Deep (Radio Edit) (and Sean Truby with Audrey Gallgher)by Solis5:08
12.Lift You Up (Radio Edit) (and Fraibreeze feat. Nina Schofield)by Aurosonic3:49
13.Build These Walls (Johann Stone Edit) (and Sarah Russell)by Talla 2XLC3:38
14.Under Your Cloud (Radio Edit) (and Late Night Alumni)by Myon & Shane 544:00
15.Never Been Hurt Before (Radio Edit) (and Ana Criado)by Rafael Frost3:48
16.Reach For The Sky (Radio Mix) (vs. Justin Oh & Abby Rae)by Estiva4:02
17.Save Your Last Breath (Radio Edit) (and Sarah Lynn)by Allen & Envy3:54
18.Will Be Forever (Radio Edit) (and Jilliana Danise)by Denis Kenzo3:58
19.Won't Be The Same (Monoverse Radio Edit) (feat. Alex Staltari)by Kamil Esten3:12
20.Wider Horizon (Radio Edit) (vs. McAuley & Katty Heath)by Walsh3:47