Big Love: Hymnal mp3 Soundtrack by David Byrne

Big Love: Hymnalby David Byrne

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 40:35


1.Art Thou Greater Than He?by David Byrne2:06
2.Exquisite Whitenessby David Byrne2:04
3.A Hill in Ontario Countyby David Byrne1:25
4.Written on Golden Platesby David Byrne2:12
5.Deep Waterby David Byrne2:07
6.A Building in the Airby David Byrne1:15
7.Great Desolationsby David Byrne2:37
8.A House on Sandby David Byrne3:14
9.The Mouth of Malachiby David Byrne1:39
10.Cumorah!by David Byrne1:14
11.The Angel Moroniby David Byrne1:56
12.Murmur Notby David Byrne1:14
13.The Pearl of Great Priceby David Byrne1:25
14.Language Confoundedby David Byrne2:12
15.Unclean Spiritsby David Byrne2:14
16.A Persecution Followedby David Byrne2:02
17.The Breastplate of Righteousnessby David Byrne1:33
18.A Conduit to Heavenby David Byrne2:37
19.Cloud of Lightby David Byrne1:26
20.The Burden of the Wordby David Byrne2:35
21.Blue Hawaiiby David Byrne1:28