Billie Holiday in Europe (1954-1958) mp3 Live by Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday in Europe (1954-1958)by Billie Holiday

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:54


1.Radio interview by Olle Helander1:41
2.Billie's blues3:31
3.What a little moonlight can do3:17
4.Lover come back to me3:00
5.He's funny that way3:47
6.All of me1:42
7.My man2:59
8.Them there eyes1:56
9.Don't explain2:31
10.I cried for you3:34
11.Fine and mellow3:57
12.What a little moonlight can do3:06
13.Billie's blues3:25
14.All of me1:53
15.Billie's blues3:30
16.I only have eyes for you (never issued before)1:50
17.Travelin' light (never issued before)3:15