Black Hole Recordings pres. Anthems & Hymns mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Black Hole Recordings pres. Anthems & Hymnsby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:45:29


1.Caught Me Running (Tiësto Summerbreeze Mix)by Jaimy & Kenny D.8:07
2.Endless Wave (Original Mix)by Kamaya Painters6:04
3.We Came (Original Mix)by Vimana8:58
4.Sparkles (Magikal Remake)by Tiësto8:42
5.Forever Waiting (Original Mix) (and Fred Baker pres. As One)by Mr. Sam11:59
6.Tortilla Wrap (Original Mix)by White Russians6:50
7.Watch This (Original Mix)by Sidewalk Technician6:51
8.Sky (Original Mix)by Veit3:33
9.Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Remix)by Andain8:44
10.Electronic Malfunction (Original Mix)by DJ Ton T.B.9:32
11.Bombora Beach (Original Mix) (and Novacoast)by Thomas Sagstad7:35
12.Mirror (Original Mix)by Stray Dog6:36
13.No More Tears (Original Mix)by Allure9:10
14.Wasteland (Original Mix)by Kamaya Painters7:41
15.Melancholy (Original Mix) (feat. Valeska)by Orkidea7:34
16.Lucid (Original Mix)by Phynn7:25
17.C Sharp (Original Mix)by The Quest7:38
18.Voyage (Magikal Remake) (and Eyal Barkan)by Yahel8:59
19.Mohave (Original Mix)by Threesome7:29
20.Massive (Original Mix)by Ralphie B9:20
21.Revelation (Original Mix)by King of Clubs9:21
22.Message From The Universe (Original Mix)by Tangled Universe9:35
23.No Way Out (Original Mix) (and Cor Fijneman)by Impact8:17
24.Amazon (Original Mix)by Midway8:30
25.Escape (Phynn Mix)by Fictivision9:28
26.Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover) (Tiësto Remix) (feat. Jan Johnston)by Cor Fijneman7:37
27.Confirmation (Original Mix) (vs. Nyram)by Fred Baker9:29
28.First State (Original Mix)by First State11:07
29.Reduxed (Original Mix) (and Milez)by Solid Haze8:01
30.Lifter (Original Mix)by Alex Kunnari7:14
31.Request (Original Mix)by Virtual Vault6:11
32.Denial (Original Mix) (feat. Floria Ambra)by Airbase7:07
33.Fake Call (Original Mix) (and Daniel Heatcliff)by DJ Observer6:52
34.Phantom Manor (Original Mix)by Mark Norman8:25
35.Rhythm Of Summer (Summer Mix)by Mistral6:01
36.Trapped (Vocal Mix) (and Shane 54)by Myon7:03
37.11 Days (Original Mix) (and Del Mar)by Cold Blue8:34
38.Born For The Night (Original Mix)by Jonas Steur5:44
39.Travels (Original Mix)by Estuera12:34
40.San Salvador (Original Mix)by Global Experience8:12
41.Green Astronauts (Original Mix)by A Boy Called Joni8:52
42.Change Is Coming (Mark Norman Remix)by Esmaye7:33
43.Eternal Voices (Airwave's Revenge Remix) (and Nyse feat. Nikita)by Hampshire9:03
44.In The Beginning (DJ Dazzle's Royal Air Force Mix) (feat. Bari Koral)by 2 Souls8:34
45.Gothic Dream (Original Mix)by Dawnseekers8:01
46.Noise 4 Us (Original Mix)by Headstrong7:58
47.Lattitude (Original Mix) (vs. DJ Cor Fijneman)by DJ Salez8:12
48.Purple Haze (Original Mix)by Mesh7:33
49.Healing (Vocal Mix) (feat. Anita Kelsey)by Cor Fijneman8:03
50.Sunstroke (Original Mix)by Starr7:31