Black Hole Recordings pres. Anthems & Hymns 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Black Hole Recordings pres. Anthems & Hymns 2by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:42:25


1.Illusion Of The Truth (Original Mix) (feat. Etienne Overdijk)by Fred Numf8:13
2.Mesmerize (Original Mix)by Fate Federation10:00
3.Secretly (Original Mix) (feat. Julie Morrison)by Erik de Koning10:39
4.Dream Machine (Original Mix)by DJ Ton T.B.8:44
5.Red Shores (Original Mix)by Estuera12:41
6.Wasteland (Original Mix)by Kamaya Painters7:41
7.Dominica (Original Mix)by Daniel Wanrooy7:18
8.Cold Winds (Original Mix) (feat. Julie Thompson)by Jonas Steur8:18
9.Ever Enough (Original Mix)by Allure7:22
10.Frontline (Original Mix)by Odyssee9:41
11.Tenessee (Original Mix) (pres. Global Experience)by Shah & Larusso9:05
12.Jagerbomb (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)by Riley & Durrant6:36
13.Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)by Andy Duguid7:42
14.Bellybutton (Original Mix)by John Dahlbäck7:11
15.Be Free (Original Mix)by El Dorado6:03
16.Protuberance (Original Mix)by Dawnseekers8:02
17.Disclosure (Original Mix)by Ralphie B8:47
18.Magnitude (Original Mix)by Johan Gielen7:00
19.Persuasion (Original Mix)by Mesh9:45
20.Symbols (Original Mix)by Fictivision8:33
21.The Audience Is Listening (Original Mix)by Impact8:01
22.Sunrising (Original Mix)by Choopie & Shmuel9:53
23.Summer Queen (Original Mix)by Starr9:09
24.Don't Break My Heart (Original Mix) (feat. Romy)by Cor Fijneman9:32
25.Artika (Amex Remix) (pres. Andrea Faustinelli)by Bartlett Bros7:17
26.Falling (Original Mix) (feat. Anita Kelsey)by First State7:50
27.Blue Marbles (Original Mix)by Electric Pulse7:07
28.Million Miles Away (Original Mix)by Tom Cloud9:06
29.Albion (Original Mix)by Myon9:46
30.Deliverance (Original Mix)by Carl B6:46
31.The Road Not Taken (Original Mix)by Airbase7:20
32.Visionary (Original Mix)by Mark Sixma7:36
33.Definition (Original Mix)by Virtual Vault6:47
34.A New Dawn (Extended Version)by Steve Forte Rio8:14
35.Stay In My Dream (Jonas Steur Dreamcatcher Mix)by Elsa Hill7:45
36.Why We Run (Original Mix) (feat. Susie)by Ben Preston7:34
37.There's No Such Things As Mermaids (Original Mix)by Kimito Lopez7:13
38.Believes In Himself (Original Mix) (and Eddy Karmona)by Julius Beat7:18
39.Different Day Different Light (Original Mix)by Progression6:07
40.Cruising 2010 (Scape Mix)by Airscape5:15
41.Your Everything (DJ Dazzle Remix) (feat. Plavka)by Mistral9:20
42.Message From Tibet (Original Mix)by Impact8:49
43.Try Again (Original Mix) (feat. Tiff Lacey)by Phynn6:46
44.Rush (Original Mix)by Sied van Riel7:50
45.Front (Original Mix) (pres. Sphaera)by Wippenberg8:32
46.Mulberry Harbour (Original Mix)by Trebbiano6:51
47.Authority (Original Mix)by Re-Ward7:14
48.Renegades (Original Mix) (and Tyler Michaud)by Thomas Sagstad6:52
49.Castaway (Original Mix)by Topher Jones7:25
50.Mystique Colors (Original Mix)by Vincent de Moor7:49