Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Mountains (Original Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Mountains (Original Soundtrack)by Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:28:51


Disk #1

1.Silverfrost Mountainsby Chihwan Kim (김치환)3:11
2.The Strangerby Changbeom Kim (김창범)3:15
3.Days of Sufferingby Chihwan Kim (김치환)4:45
4.Shadow in The Woodsby Hyobeum Lim3:28
5.Trails of Conspiracyby Hyobeum Lim3:23
6.Greenwood Thieves' Guildby Cris Velasco3:11
7.Heart of Steelby Changbeom Kim (김창범)3:30
8.Endless Perilby Jihoon Kim3:05
9.Into The Mazeby Lin-G2:07
10.Twisted Powerby Lin-G1:42
11.Another Dimensionby Junghwan Park (박정환)2:02
12.Entering the Capitalby Jihoon Kim3:20
13.The Merchant Guildby Junghwan Park (박정환)1:36
14.The Dazzling Hillsby Lin-G4:22
15.The Morning Squareby Lin-G2:16
16.House of Pleasuresby Lin-G1:48
17.Breezewind Parkby Junghwan Park (박정환)1:22
18.Taking a Walkby Lin-G1:26
19.Unfamiliar Sightby Jihoon Kim2:49
20.Despicable Gangby Lin-G2:32
21.Swindler's Alleyby Hyobeum Lim1:33
22.Justice of the Loyalistby Hyobeum Lim3:24
23.Dreams of a Concubineby Lin-G2:16
24.The Road to the Palaceby Hyobeum Lim3:10
25.The Lightning Prisonby Jihoon Kim3:03
26.Flash of Steelby Jamie Christopherson2:33
27.Promise of Twoby Changbeom Kim (김창범)1:50
28.Where The Wind Sleeps ~Song of the Empress~by Junghwan Park (박정환)3:14

Disk #2

1.The Birchwood Forestby Hyobeum Lim2:09
2.The Royal Bodyguardby Changbeom Kim (김창범)2:34
3.Where The Clouds Stayby Jihoon Kim3:17
4.Over the Memoriesby Junghwan Park (박정환)2:33
5.Epiphany Over Emptinessby Changbeom Kim (김창범)10:50
6.The Sendingby Changbeom Kim (김창범)1:45
7.Challengedby Lin-G2:03
8.The Sword Danceby Hyobeum Lim2:11
9.Weapon of Steelby Changbeom Kim (김창범)3:12
10.Kingpin of the Haorenby Junyeop Lee (이준엽)1:58
11.Fury of the Godfistby Junghwan Park (박정환)1:51
12.Embodiment of Evilby Hyobeum Lim2:35
13.Snowjade Palaceby Cris Velasco3:34
14.Souls of the Deadby Jamie Christopherson2:46
15.Touching the Skyby Chihwan Kim (김치환)3:26
16.Adventurers in the Snowby Chihwan Kim (김치환)2:25
17.Frozen Breathby Jihoon Kim3:11
18.The Snow Beastby Jihoon Kim2:48
19.Adventurers' Restby Chihwan Kim (김치환)2:25
20.Snowflake Villageby Lin-G1:37
21.White Trails ~Northern Snow Fields~by Junghwan Park (박정환)3:57
22.The Rite of Choosingby Chihwan Kim (김치환)3:28
23.The Black Rose Witch ~Blood of My Brothers~by Jamie Christopherson2:49
24.Where the Wind Sleeps (Instrumental)by Junghwan Park (박정환)3:14