Blanco Y Negro 83:13 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Blanco Y Negro 83:13by Various Artists

  • 270 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 19:14:37


Disk #1

1.Don't Cry Tonightby Savage3:56
2.Dolce Vitaby Ryan Paris3:52
3.Happy Childrenby P. Lion2:59
4.Around My Dreamby Silver Pozzoli3:34
5.How Old Are You?by Miko Mission5:00
6.Hypnotic Tangoby My Mine3:42
7.Talking to the Nightby Brian Ice4:18
8.People From Ibizaby Sandy Marton4:11
9.Happy Songby Baby's Gang3:22
10.Woodpeckers From Spaceby Videokids5:57
11.Face to Face, Heart to Heartby The Twins3:47
12.Void Visionby Cyber People3:52
13.Romantic Breakby Atlanta2:48
14.Celebration Tonightby Brian & The Eden3:51
15.The Heart of the Cityby Chris Luis7:07
16.Come Onby Jules Tropicana3:12
17.Living in the Shuttleby Torrevado4:01
18.Just Be Good to Meby S.O.S. Band8:58

Disk #2

1.Holiday (rap) (and DJ Sven)by MC Miker G4:25
2.I Should Be So Luckyby Kylie Minogue3:23
3.Voyage Voyageby Desireless4:18
4.I Just Can't Waitby Mandy Smith3:26
5.Aliensby Radiorama4:11
6.Geilby Bruce & Bongo4:03
7.Baila Boleroby Fun Fun3:56
8.Boys (Summertime Love)by Sabrina3:50
9.Tonightby Ken Laszlo5:46
10.Colder Than Iceby Grant Miller3:54
11.Stop the Rainby Silent Circle3:39
12.I Want an Illusionby Squash Gang3:10
13.In the Nightby Daydream3:37
14.Power Runby Laserdance4:13
15.You Can Do Itby Charly Danone3:55
16.Gigoloby Green Ice4:37
17.Dragon's Megamixby Koto7:28
18.Destiny Timeby Roy6:27

Disk #3

1.Too Many Broken Heartsby Jason Donovan3:25
2.You'll Never Stop Me Loving Youby Sonia3:23
3.Gimme Fiveby Jovanotti3:50
4.Promised Landby Joe Smooth3:46
5.Weekend (feat. Class Action)by Todd Terry Project3:30
6.Roadblockby Stock Aitken Waterman3:16
7.The Real Wild House (single edit)by Raúl Orellana4:24
8.Love Can't Turn Around (Ben Liebrand remix)by Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk7:19
9.Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)by Marshall Jefferson7:46
10.Let's Get Hypedby Kool Rock Steady4:28
11.I Want Youby Ralphi Rosario7:46
12.Amor Suaveby Isamar & Compañia3:39
13.Give It to Me (Double Trouble remix)by Bam Bam6:26
14.Golden Dreams (New Order edit)by Invisible Limits7:15
15.Ordinary Townby Celebrate the Nun6:33

Disk #4

1.Come Into My Lifeby Joyce Sims3:46
2.Pump Up the Jamby Technotronic3:36
3.It's on You (and The Real McCoy)by MC Sar4:03
4.I Can't Stand It (feat. Captain Hollywood)by Twenty 4 Seven4:06
5.Happenin' All Over Againby Lonnie Gordon3:09
6.Touch Meby 49ers3:38
7.Just Get Up and Danceby Afrika Bambaataa3:45
8.Found Love (feat. Dany)by Double Dee3:43
9.Another Sleepless Night (Classic mix)by Shawn Christopher6:31
10.Nena de Ibiza (and Q.Q. Freestyle)by Crazy Eddie4:16
11.Loco Miaby Loco Mia3:40
12.Ritmo de La Nocheby Mystic3:50
13.A Dóndeby Cetu Javu3:55
14.Do You Want Me (extended version)by Lee Marrow6:11
15.Niña de Pelo Negroby Isidro Alfaro Gutierrez7:56
16.Voice of the Night (Hot mix)by Moltocarina6:13
17.That's What I Like (and The Mastermixers)by Jive Bunny5:26

Disk #5

1.Ellegibo (Una Historia de Ifa-Ejigbo)by Ellegibo3:51
2.Please Don't Goby Double You3:16
3.What Is Loveby Haddaway4:29
4.Everybody's Free (to Feel Good)by Rozalla3:31
5.Save Your Loveby Bad Boys Blue3:59
6.Ride Like the Wind (radio edit)by East Side Beat3:52
7.People Are Still Having Sex (LP mix)by LaTour5:16
8.The Music's Got Me (radio version)by Bass Bumpers4:02
9.Asi Me Gusta a Mi (X-Ta Si, X-Ta No)by Chimo Bayo6:05
10.We Need Freedom (Red Zone mix)by Antico5:01
11.Anasthasia (House Jam)by T994:31
12.Dildo (radio version)by Interactive3:53
13.De Puta Madreby Terra W.A.N.4:21
14.¡Hablando! (Acordeon mix)by Ramirez & Pizarro6:35
15.Autismo (techno mix)by Exodo4:08
16.Attenzione! Attenzione! Attenzione! (130 HS mix)by Do It!4:26
17.Who Is Elvis?by Phenomania6:00

Disk #6

1.No Limit (rap version)by 2 Unlimited3:16
2.The Rhythm of the Nightby Corona4:21
3.What's Up (extended Clap Attack)by DJ Miko5:15
4.People Have the Power (feat. Jeffrey Jey)by Bliss Team5:16
5.El Gallinero (Tambalea mix)by Ramirez4:46
6.Hell's Party (radio edit)by Glam4:03
7.Give It Upby The Good Men3:28
8.Dunneby Espiral4:56
9.No Pasa Nadaby A05:08
10.Detonativoby Lethal5:42
11.Jumpby System Activate5:47
12.Piby Julio Posadas4:40
13.Orbitalby Kike Boy5:59
14.Chasisby Ricardo F4:26
15.Locomotiva (extended mix)by Kuadra6:25
16.1-2-3 Acid! (extended Futuristik mix)by Digital Boy4:27

Disk #7

1.Saturday Nightby Whigfield3:40
2.Doopby Doop3:05
3.I Drove All Nite Medley With Power of the Timeby Bandido5:19
4.Eins, zwei, Polizei (Gendarmerie mix)by Mo-Do5:13
5.Get It Upby Sensity World5:32
6.Streamlineby Newton4:55
7.Smileby New Limit4:31
8.Killer City (remix)by Aldus Haza4:56
9.Tonight (feat. High Density)by Kriss5:27
10.Guitar Spellby DJ Sylvan4:58
11.Boom Chakaby Dagon4:40
12.No Hagas El Indio, Haz El Cherokeeby Cherry Coke4:23
13.Hands of Fateby Wintermute5:03
14.Hyper Hyperby Scooter3:32
15.Hey Heeeyby PG26:14
16.La Fuerza Pagana (La Fuerza mix)by Moratto5:04

Disk #8

1.Think About the Way (feat. Alexia)by Ice MC4:18
2.U Got 2 Let the Music (Brescia edit)by Cappella3:36
3.Me & Youby Alexia4:02
4.I Feel You Tonightby G.E.M.3:57
5.Get-A-Way (airplay mix)by Maxx3:45
6.Memoriesby Netzwerk3:53
7.You & I (radio cut)by J.K.3:47
8.Techno Catby Tom Wilson3:17
9.Living in the Sunshine (R.A.F. Zone mix)by Club House5:59
10.Stay With Me (Global mix)by Aladino5:17
11.What Will I Doby GAL5:53
12.El Sueño (live remix)by Datura4:25
13.Automatik Sex (Independent remix)by Einstein Doctor DJ5:26
14.Love Is the Answerby Systematic5:18
15.Meditationby Nacho Division5:12
16.Newsby Demolition5:34
17.Dial (remix)by Aldus Haza4:32

Disk #9

1.Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk mix)by Wink6:16
2.Beachballby Nalin & Kane3:48
3.Seven Days and One Weekby B.B.E.4:12
4.Meet Her at the Love Paradeby Da Hool3:29
5.Pulverturm (radio edit)by Niels van Gogh3:53
6.Greece 2000by Three Drives8:02
7.Rumore Chimico (Formula Magica mix)by Alma Matris4:50
8.Mariaby Ross4:42
9.Take Me Back (The Mystic cut)by Da Blitz5:43
10.I Wanna Cryby Logic Beat3:57
11.Arrivarrivaby Z 1004:51
12.Welcome to Cybertronby Nando Dixkontrol3:17
13.Alchemyby Frank T.R.A.X.7:02
14.Future Is Presentby Sammy5:55
15.The Language of Rhythm (Main Room mix)by Florida 1357:41

Disk #10

1.Blue (Da Ba Dee)by Eiffel 654:40
2.Freed From Desireby Gala3:31
3.Oh La La Laby 2 Eivissa3:30
4.Bailandoby Paradisio3:47
5.Ecuador (feat. Rodriguez)by Sash!3:33
6.Surrender (Birretta edit)by The Soundlovers3:00
7.Fly Free (radio mix)by Vestania4:08
8.Come in to My Life (Molella & Phil Jay edit mix)by Gala3:24
9.You & You (radio club)by Natascha Hagen3:38
10.Free (radio edit)by Ultra Naté3:51
11.The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (radio edit)by The Bucketheads3:23
12.Remember Me (Sure Is Pure remix edit)by Blue Boy3:48
13.Put Your Hands Up (DJ Tonka radio edit)by The Black & White Brothers3:41
14.Get Downby Avant Garde3:37
15.The Launchby DJ Jean3:38
16.Get Get Down (radio edit)by Paul Johnson3:09
17.Let the Sun Shine (feat. Lizzy Pattinson)by Milk & Sugar3:06
18.Stardust Medley With Dustby Groovy 696:30
19.Raise Your Hands (full club mix) (vs. Klubbheads)by DJ Mark van Dale7:35

Disk #11

1.Lady (Hear Me Tonight)by Modjo3:43
2.Rocking Musicby Martin Solveig3:00
3.E Sambaby Junior Jack3:33
4.Point of Viewby DB Boulevard3:37
5.Tu Es Foutuby In-Grid3:36
6.2 Timesby Ann Lee3:45
7.L'Amour Toujoursby Gigi D'Agostino4:44
8.Let Me Stay (feat. Marvin)by Prezioso3:51
9.Up & Down (Don't Fall in Love with Me)by Billy More3:14
10.You See the Trouble With Meby Black Legend4:54
11.The Undergroundby Celeda4:17
12.In the Musicby Deepswing2:45
13.Pasildaby Afromedusa3:42
14.One More Timeby Lavelvet3:50
15.Dove (I'll Be Loving You)by Moony4:00
16.Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins)by Sash!3:38
17.9 PM (Till I Come)by ATB3:14
18.Everytime You Need Me (feat. Maria Rubia)by Fragma3:30
19.Carte Blancheby Veracocha3:21
20.Missing Inside Meby Paul Droid3:40
21.Touch the Sky (feat. Allison)by Essential4:15

Disk #12

1.Summerjam 2003 (DJ F.R.A.N.K.'s Summermix short) (vs. The Sunclub)by The Underdog Project3:48
2.Giuliaby DJ Lhasa3:21
3.Voglio Vederti Danzare (feat. Marvin)by Prezioso3:43
4.Geordieby Gabry Ponte3:35
5.Satisfaction (pres. "The Biz")by Benny Benassi3:11
6.Loneliness (radio cut)by Tomcraft3:40
7.Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)by Safri Duo3:03
8.Something (radio edit)by Lasgo3:41
9.On the Moveby Barthezz3:33
10.Feelings (Paul Droid Extension radio)by Sunniva3:27
11.Iguana (On Air mix)by Mauro Picotto3:44
12.I'm Losing Youby Attic3:07
13.Mentiraby Question Mark3:28
14.Luz Y Sombras (Sassot & David Con G remix radio edit)by Luz y Sombras4:02
15.4 Ever With Me (Euroversion)by More5:07
16.City of Angelsby Solar System5:31
17.Differentby Dsigual Vol. 93:37
18.Everybody (club mix)by Rocco6:33
19.Turn Up the Bass (original extended mix)by Klubbheads6:47

Disk #13

1.World Hold On (Childen of the Sky) (feat. Steve Edwards)by Bob Sinclar3:33
2.The Weekendby Michael Gray3:11
3.Call on Meby Eric Prydz2:46
4.Put Your Hands Up for Detroitby Fedde Le Grand2:22
5.Elektro (feat. Mr. Gee)by Outwork3:12
6.Dancing in the Dark (and Jo Mills present 4Tune 500)by Matt Schwartz4:27
7.Coraçao (with Denis The Menace present Sabor feat. Jaqueline)by Jerry Ropero3:20
8.Vazilando (Dark Suite Latin House radio remix)by Oreja3:06
9.Micromaniaby Tata Golosa3:41
10.Maria Caipirinha (and DJ Dero)by Carlinhos Brown4:10
11.Latino Activo (radio edit) (pres. Tribal Spain Vol. 4)by Jesse García4:02
12.Pump It Up! (extended mix)by Danzel5:52
13.Dragostea Din Teiby O-Zone3:33
14.Day After Day (Oscar Salguero edit)by Millennium3:37
15.Bootleg in the Gunby C & G3:38
16.Feel the Vibe (Til the Morning Comes) (vocal club mix)by Axwell7:22
17.Let Me Think About It (club mix) (vs. Fedde Le Grand)by Ida Corr5:58
18.Ibiza (Marchesini & Farina remix) (vs. Walter Master J)by Desaparecidos6:33

Disk #14

1.Ella Ella L'aby Kate Ryan3:06
2.Infinity 2008by Guru Josh Project3:09
3.I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)by Pitbull3:01
4.We No Speak Americano (vs. DCUP)by Yolanda Be Cool3:00
5.Stereo Love (Molella remix edit) (and Vika Jigulina)by Edward Maya2:48
6.Be Freeby Radio Killer3:11
7.Shine Onby R.I.O.3:20
8.Cry Cry (DJ Fisun remix)by Oceana3:42
9.Freefallin'by Zoë Badwi3:14
10.Seek Bromance (Avicii's vocal edit)by Tim Berg3:20
11.Not Giving Up on Love (vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor)by Armin van Buuren2:52
12.Come Onby Javi Mula3:16
13.Love Sex American Express (feat. Dr. Feelx)by Cristian Marchi4:19
14.Pornoby Hinojosa & Zambrano3:48
15.Fiesta Locaby Desaparecidos3:53
16.Riversideby Sidney Samson2:26
17.Kardamoon (Victor Magan remix edit)by Jan Driver3:20
18.La Mezcla (Copyright main mix edit) (feat. Totó La Momposina)by Michael Cleis3:04
19.Bora Bora (radio edit)by Magan & Rodriguez3:43
20.Bambola (Jean Claude Ades radio remix) (feat. Patty Pravo)by Tuccillo3:05
21.Heaterby Samim3:01
22.Destination Calabria (club mix) (feat. Crystal Waters)by Alex Gaudino6:56

Disk #15

1.Mr. Saxobeatby Alexandra Stan3:12
2.Disco Romancingby Elena3:11
3.Levelsby Avicii3:17
4.Kickstartsby Example3:01
5.Take Over Control (feat. Eva Simons)by Afrojack2:54
6.Hello (and Dragonette)by Martin Solveig3:11
7.Barbra Streisandby Duck Sauce3:13
8.Loca Peopleby Sak Noel3:36
9.Hey (Nah Neh Nah) (Milk & Sugar radio version) (vs. Vaya Con Dios)by Milk & Sugar3:16
10.More Than Friends (radio edit) (feat. Daddy Yankee)by Inna3:56
11.Tacataby Tacabro3:29
12.Caliente (radio edit)by Jay Santos3:22
13.I Like to Move It (Mastiksoul remix) (feat. The Mad Stuntman)by Reel 2 Real3:58
14.What Happens in Vegas (radio edit) (feat. Gregor Salto)by Chuckie2:46