Blast (Remastered) mp3 Album by Holly Johnson

Blast (Remastered)by Holly Johnson

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:24


Disk #1

1.Atomic City6:15
2.Heaven's Here4:18
3.Americanos [Album Version]3:38
4.Deep In Love4:00
6.Love Train4:04
7.Got It Made3:50
8.Love Will Come4:30
10.Feel Good5:25
11.Murder In Paradise [Extended Version]6:26
12.Americanos [Mambo Dub]4:15
13.Beat The System3:48
15.Love Me Tender3:10
16.Perfume [Aromatherapy Mix]5:59
17.Perfume [Aromatherapy Instrumental Mix]4:13

Disk #2

1.Love Train [Americanos Big Beat Version]6:40
2.Love Train [Iron Horse Instrumental Mix]4:53
3.Love Train [Americana 12_ Verson]i6:25
4.Love Train [Bonus Big Beat Radio Mix]4:38
5.Love Train [Americana Pop Version]3:59
6.Love Train [Ride The 'A' Train]6:55
7.Americanos [The Perfect Taco Mix]6:14
8.Americanos [Liberty Mix]5:34
9.Americanos [Justin Strauss Extended Version]6:50
10.Americanos [Magimix 12_ version6:41
11.Americanos [Magimix 7_ Version]3:27
12.Atomic City [The Bona Biodegradeable Mix]7:30
13.Heaven's Here [Mount Olympus Mix]9:29

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