Blue Soho Recordings: Best of 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Blue Soho Recordings: Best of 2016by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:58:52


1.Lightbringer (Original Mix)by Honan7:43
2.Mandalore (Original Mix)by Ahmed Romel6:16
3.Inside Me (Original Mix)by Arkam6:46
4.Redemption (Original Mix)by Eloquentia5:51
5.Catapult (Original Mix)by BluSkay7:22
6.Vela (Original Mix)by Omegate6:55
7.Maiyano (Original Mix)by Alex Wright6:30
8.Diamond (Original Mix)by Honan7:01
9.Passengers (Pablo Artigas Remix)by Hazem Beltagui7:03
10.Lara (Original Mix)by Hoyaa8:41
11.Grey (Original Mix)by OzzyXPM6:21
12.Identity (Original Mix)by Naian6:00
13.Crossed (Original Mix)by Turn6:02
14.Asking About You (Original Mix)by R.E.L.O.A.D.7:33
15.The Wall Between Us (Original Mix)by Martin Graff6:48
16.Atolla (Original Mix)by Craft Integrated8:04
17.Shepherd (Original Mix)by Harmonic Rush7:00
18.The San River (Original Mix)by Andy Elliass7:42
19.Forma Mentis (Original Mix)by Anthony S7:52
20.Panacea (Original Mix)by Manuel Rocca6:50
21.Enouement (Original Mix)by Ahmed Romel7:50
22.Nobody Knows (Philippe El Sisi Remix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by DJ Jounce6:51
23.Alexandria (Original Mix)by Saad Ayub6:19
24.Alone Tonight (Sollito Remix)by Spherical Bloom6:39
25.Eastern Ballad (Original Mix)by RAMiNiO7:26
26.The Intruders (Original Mix)by Miroslav Vrlik6:14
27.Sand Angels (Witness45 Remix)by Duncan Newell7:24
28.585 (Original Mix)by Local Heroes6:27
29.Nebula (Mark Arbor's 00 Remix)by Surrogate Saviour8:43
30.Midgard (Original Mix)by Alex van ReeVe7:54
31.Upgrade (LTN Remix)by Magic Power5:36
32.Freedom (Original Mix)by Sky Motion8:07
33.Flutters Within (George Hales Remix)by Factoria7:12
34.Stargazer (Original Mix)by Pablo Artigas7:30
35.Free Fall (Original Mix)by Local Heroes6:47
36.Enso (Original Mix)by The Alliance8:31
37.We Are Built Of Star Stuff (Original Mix)by Danny Stubbs7:46
38.Serenita (Original Mix)by Amir Hussain8:21
39.Engage (Original Mix)by The Three Amigos8:01
40.Plunge Into Darkness (Original Mix)by Craft Integrated7:43
41.Coexist (Original Mix) (feat. Rebecca)by Saad Ayub7:18
42.Reflections (Original Mix)by Future Antics7:08
43.Maktub (Original Mix)by Kheiro & Medi7:52
44.My Siren (Original Mix) (feat. Calvin Arsenia)by Breame7:20
45.Solitude (Original Mix)by Mhammed El Alami7:10
46.My Prayer (Original Mix)by Tioan6:24
47.In Silence (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix) (and Pitch)by XiJaro8:02
48.Olena (Original Mix)by Oleg Farrier5:50
49.Fireball (Original Mix)by Andromedha6:07
50.This Is For You (Original Mix)by EverLight8:00

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