Body Talk mp3 Artist Compilation by Robyn
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:15


2.Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do4:11
3.Dancing On My Own4:39
5.Time Machine3:36
6.Love Kills4:28
7.Hang With Me4:21
8.Call Your Girlfriend3:47
9.None Of Dem (Feat. Röyksopp)5:12
10.We Dance To The Beat4:28
11.U Should Know Better4:01
12.Dancehall Queen3:39
13.Get Myself Together3:41
14.In My Eyes3:57
15.Stars 4-Ever4:00
little inconsistently the final third part of "Body Talk" a half Best-of. Of the superior strength of the whole project does meanwhile no demolition.

One tells, nevertheless, keener that the small Swedish pop dictator with the skew tooth and the nice melodies is not glad that bends in 2010 now by the end. "Hardest working dance pop idol in business" is still understated for Robyns mega project which comes to an end now after the third record in half a year (!), numerous videos and tours here, there and somewhere else. Clear, the mill only starts, but now, at least, the morsel-wise presented music is given en bloc.

And the finale looks anyhow inconsistent, because here do not come once more eight, nine pieces, but 15 from which ten already showed the highlights on number one and two ("Dancing On My Own", "Hang With Me"). Can everybody still follow? Therefore, computationally five new remain from what one, however, the dance version of "Indestructible" (acoustic version on part 2) explains. Hey, the pretax return is even easier there than this bundle of papers. To "Indestructible" there is also a slippery video which iridesces between Hetero-Softporn and Girl-on-girl-Action. Robyns straw dress in it is great, the remaining sex painting owns absolutely also what sordid. It is similarly sordid that one must buy ten pieces twice if one wants to have the trilogy fully. Should one say in the Intro, the Robyn extremist-central organ, also simply sometimes. Since clearly is also: Robyn is the pop artiste of the year. With damn wide distance.