Bonkers 3: A Journey Into Madness mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers 3: A Journey Into Madnessby Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:42:28


Disk #1

1.Together Forever (Evolve mix) (and Bananaman)by DJ Hixxy5:07
2.Return to Toytown(and Sharkey)by Hixxy4:45
3.Galaxyby DJ Daydream5:06
4.Power of Love '97 (Digital Boy Italian Rave mix)by Q-Tex2:44
5.Fly Awayby Visa2:38
6.Make Your Own Kind of Musicby DJ Daydream3:53
7.Cloudy Dazeby Bang!4:04
8.Feel This Wayby Spitfire4:24
9.Take Me to Wonderlandby 4 Tune Fairytales2:25
10.Liquid Night (and Melody)by DJ Fade4:18
11.Fairytaleby Antisocial4:29
12.See Me Throughby Antisocial5:20
13.Legendsby Antisocial4:58
14.Happy Daysby Antisocial4:00
15.Starry Nightby Hixxy4:35
16.Need Your Loveby Antisocial5:02

Disk #2

1.The Beginning of the End (and UFO)by Sharkey1:53
2.Inner Sanctumby UFO4:49
3.The Ravechief (and UFO)by Ramos4:25
4.Trip to the Other Side (and UFO)by Supreme6:35
5.Back to the Topby Brisk & Trixxy4:21
6.Temporal Rift (and UFO)by Druid4:19
7.Terra Nova (Xclusive Bonkers mix) (and UFO)by Sharkey5:32
8.Future Trance Project (feat. Dizzy D)by DJ Quattro4:48
9.Rock the Beatby Brisk & Trixxy4:16
10.Overdoze (and Loopy)by Energy4:04
11.Influence (Slam & Helix remix)by DJ Slam3:35
12.Acid Break (and Helix)by DJ Slam3:34
13.Here to Invadeby Trixxy4:18
14.Devastatorby Eclipse4:31
15.Nothing Moreby Marc Smith4:15
16.I Can Feel It (VIP Acid & Base mix)by Go Mental4:48
17.Sound Assassin (Exclusive Instrumental mix)by Sharkey3:42
18.The Procrastinatorby Marc Smith5:48
19.The End of the Beginning (and UFO)by Sharkey0:30

Disk #3

1.Gotta Go (remix)by Dougal & Mickey Skeedale4:22
2.Going All the Way (and DNA)by E-Logic4:07
3.It's Out Thereby Innovate3:45
4.Tranquilityby Dougal4:19
5.Follow the Sunby Triple J4:30
6.Dancin' in the Rainby Euphony3:33
7.Steamtrain (remix) (and Hopscotch)by Dougal4:52
8.Re-Create Creationby Dougal & Mickey Skeedale4:52
9.Have It Allby Triple J5:08
10.The Big Spill (Demo remix) (vs. DJ Demo & Justin Time)by DJ Ham3:48
11.Jump a Little Higherby Breeze5:04
12.Tears in Your Eyes (and DNA)by Dougal4:41
13.Muzik (Ham remix)by DJ Demo4:18
14.Dream's Suprise (Seduction remix) (and Bananaman)by Fade3:59
15.Talkin' 'bout Loveby Innovate3:36
16.Follow Meby DJ Stompy5:20
17.Stop Meby Innovate4:23

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