Bonkers: The Original Hardcore: The Next Chapter mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Bonkers: The Original Hardcore: The Next Chapterby Various Artists

  • 54 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:28:42


Disk #1

1.We're Getting Faster (feat. Fraz)by Darwin3:05
2.When Tears Fall - Kaotikby Arkitech4:50
3.Jump Da Groove 2009by DJ Ham5:07
4.Black Rain (vs. Odyssey & Arkitech)by Sharkey4:18
5.Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Darwin's "Arena Space 5" remix)by Baby D4:31
6.Wikkid MC (2009 Exclusive) (vs. CLSM)by Sharkey3:40
7.Feeling High (Kevin Energy remix)by Slippery Disco4:31
8.Dance Don't Slipby Brisk & Ham2:54
9.Never Say Die (Kevin Energy remix)by Sharkey5:03
10.Today's the Day (Darwin remix)by Sharkey4:21
11.Building Shaker (V.I. P remix) (and Gammer)by DJ Marc Smith2:51
12.Jumpinby Al Storm3:15
13.Here We Goby S3RL2:35
14.Jumping All Over the World (Sharkey & K-Complex remix)by Scooter3:38
15.Posse (I Need You on the Floor) (Weaver remix)by Scooter4:51
16.Up to Da Wildstyle (Gammer & Andy Whitby remix) (vs. DJ Supreme)by Porn Kings2:56
17.Dealer (V.I. P remix)by S3RL3:38
18.Let the Bass Kick (and Darwin)by Marc Smith4:27
19.Freeform Will Never Dieby Kevin Energy2:36

Disk #2

1.Take Me to the Clouds Above (Chris Unknown remix) (vs. U2)by LMC3:20
2.Amigos (sy & unknown remix)by Styles & Breeze4:04
3.Alabama (feat. JT) (Sy & Unknown remix)by Rampant DJs4:04
4.Heaven Help Me Now (feat. Emily Reed)by Insight3:41
5.Pacman (vs. DJ Sy)by Topvibe2:59
6.Welcome to the Trip (and Chris Unknown)by Re-Con2:12
7.If You Beleiveby Sy & Unknown4:04
8.Wanna Be Here With Youby DJ Unknown4:15
9.Come Together (feat. Grant Paterson)by DJ Unknown5:11
10.Guitar Heroby Dougal & Gammer2:58
11.Discoland (Chris Unknown's 2009 remix)by Flip & Fill3:42
12.Pilgrim (Sy & Unknown remix)by Scott Brown3:41
13.You're Never Gonna Know (Scott Brown remix)by Phaze45:11
14.Hardcoreby Sy & Unknown4:15
15.Rain (Sy & Unknown remix)by E-Type3:10
16.Your Love Is Shiningby Emily Reed4:26
17.Cold as Ice (vs. MC Storm)by Stykal Brix3:53
18.Bring You Down (feat. Grant Paterson)by Sy & Unknown3:45

Disk #3

1.Judgement Dayby Bo4:11
2.R U Readyby Hixxy4:07
3.Getting Better (Re-Con remix)by Darren Styles4:21
4.Still the One (feat. Lisa Marie)by United in Dance5:04
5.I Adore (Re-Con mix)by Clear Vu3:48 Hixxy3:59
7.Free Your Mind (Darren Styles remix)by CLSM4:21
8.Elevator (and Styles)by Hixxy4:10
9.Close to You (Re-Con remix)by Clear Vu3:04
10.Report to the Basslineby Re-Con3:18
11.See You on the Other Side (vs. CLSM)by Cube::Hard2:58
12.Beat Drop (and Squad-E)by Hixxy4:45
13.Lost Without Youby Squad-E4:10
14.Body Flowby Gammer2:54
15.Electricby Styles & Breeze3:32
16.You're My Angel (Scott Brown remix)by Styles & Breeze4:00
17.The Theme (and Styles)by Hixxy4:02

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