Book Number 7 mp3 Album by K-Rino

Book Number 7by K-Rino

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:47


1.Book Number 7 Intro4:48
2.Raised in the Dead End4:25
4.Pain and Betrayal3:36
5.No Let Up4:20
6.The Wrong Thang3:37
7.Everyday (feat. K.O.)4:58
8.Takeover (feat. Ganksta NIP)4:43
9.The Me You Don't See (feat. Ashlei Mayadia)3:58
10.Look Around You3:48
13.Ain't It Funny4:30
14.Come on Down (feat. Chalie Boy)3:54
15.Imagination (feat. Ashlei Mayadia)3:15
16.Line for Line3:34
17.Mutiple Choice Murders (feat. Kuwait, Joel, Justice Allah, M.J., Murder One, Rapper K., Candi Redd, Point Blank, Soul Provider, Ruff Eyque, High Risk, Dope-E, Greek, Brain Dead, Q-Boy, Mr. Cap, Mo-Lew, Straight Face, Klondike Kat & PSK-13)13:26