Borderlands 3 (Original Game Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Borderlands 3 (Original Game Soundtrack)by Various Artists

  • 86 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:40:22


Disk #1

1.Sanctuary 3by Michael McCann7:18
2.Landing on Athenasby Michael McCann4:14
3.Liberating Athenasby Michael McCann4:21
4.Atlas HQ - State of The Artby Michael McCann4:49
5.Atlas HQ - Attackedby Michael McCann4:07
6.Neon Arterial - Upper Cityby Michael McCann4:42
7.Lectra Cityby Michael McCann4:08
8.Lectra City - The Games Beginby Michael McCann3:20
9.Skywell 27 - Katagawa's Sphereby Michael McCann3:30
10.Skywell 27 - Beneath The Pleasure Bargeby Michael McCann2:39
11.Skywell 27 - To Rhys's Rescueby Michael McCann3:44
12.Skywell 27 - Katagawa's Minionsby Michael McCann3:26
13.Skywell 27 - Maliwan Pushes Hardby Michael McCann3:05
14.Metroplex - Survival Questionableby Michael McCann3:36
15.Metroplex - Meet The Resistanceby Michael McCann3:59
16.Metroplex - Beyond the Ratchesby Michael McCann4:21
17.The Rampager - Part 1by Michael McCann2:44
18.The Rampager - Part 2by Michael McCann4:01
19.Neon Arterial - Ending the Family Presenceby Michael McCann3:24
20.Neon Arterial - Lower Depthsby Michael McCann4:36
21.Captain Traunt Fallsby Michael McCann3:30
22.Metroplex - Fighting Maliwanby Michael McCann2:54
23.Metroplex - Gigamindby Michael McCann3:49
24.Lectra City After Glowby Michael McCann2:05
25.Atlas HQ - Katagawa Gets Servedby Michael McCann2:51
26.Killavolt Wins His Prizeby Michael McCann2:53
27.Sanctuary 3 - Moxxi's Interlude 1by Mike Jones3:09

Disk #2

1.MainMenu (Day)by Jesper Kyd5:07
2.Exploring The Dormant Shipby Jesper Kyd4:25
3.The Bandits at Jakob's Estateby Jesper Kyd4:05
4.The Creatures of Floodmoor Basinby Jesper Kyd1:24
5.The Warden of The Anvilby Jesper Kyd3:23
6.Enter Floodmoor Basinby Jesper Kyd9:11
7.Tension in the Embermireby Jesper Kyd2:19
8.GenIVIV Goes Downby Jesper Kyd3:28
9.Arrival At The Anvilby Jesper Kyd3:47
10.Riot at The Anvilby Jesper Kyd5:12
11.Spaceships in the Swampby Jesper Kyd7:11
12.The Dormant Ship Attacksby Jesper Kyd3:45
13.The Puzzle at Jakob's Estateby Jesper Kyd2:52
14.Enter The Embermireby Jesper Kyd5:18
15.The Ambush at Jakob's Estateby Jesper Kyd3:02
16.A Self Guided Tour at Jakob's Estateby Jesper Kyd1:40
17.Creatures of the Embermireby Jesper Kyd2:25
18.Saurians Attack in Floodmoor Basinby Jesper Kyd1:58
19.Raging Out in Jakob's Mannerby Jesper Kyd2:19
20.Exploring the Powder Cellarsby Jesper Kyd4:29
21.Treasures of the Jakob's Vaultby Jesper Kyd7:42
22.Aurelia's Last Breathby Jesper Kyd2:02
23.The Floating Tomb Fights Backby Jesper Kyd4:25
24.The Floating Tomb - Tranquility Achievedby Jesper Kyd6:13
25.MainMenu (Night) (OST)by Jesper Kyd5:08
26.The Drunk Violinist Entertains (Bonus Track) (OST)by Jesper Kyd0:53
27.Sanctuary 3 - Moxxi's Interlude 2by Mike Jones3:03

Disk #3

1.Konrad's Hold - Arrivalby Finishing Move Inc.4:34
2.The Devil's Razor Fights Backby Finishing Move Inc.4:04
3.Welcome to the Devil's Razorby Finishing Move Inc.3:00
4.Devil's Razor - Close Shaveby Finishing Move Inc.3:26
5.Carnivora RIDES!by Finishing Move Inc.4:00
6.Cathedral Of The Twin Godsby Finishing Move Inc.2:05
7.The Cathedral Calls To The Familyby Finishing Move Inc.2:36
8.The Cathedral's Best Arriveby Finishing Move Inc.1:59
9.The Proving Grounds Mysteryby Finishing Move Inc.4:51
10.The Proving Grounds Examby Finishing Move Inc.2:33
11.The Proving Grounds Final Examby Finishing Move Inc.3:08
12.Marcus Tells a Storyby Finishing Move Inc.2:30
13.Into The Guts of Carnivoraby Finishing Move Inc.2:10
14.Carnivora's Digestion Intensifiesby Finishing Move Inc.2:43
15.Carnivora Put On Its Big Pantsby Finishing Move Inc.2:31
16.The Carnivora Show LIVEby Finishing Move Inc.5:44
17.The End of Troyby Finishing Move Inc.7:44
18.The End of Tyreenby Finishing Move Inc.7:09
19.Konrad's Hold - The Depthsby Finishing Move Inc.2:22
20.The Firehawk Risesby Finishing Move Inc.2:37
21.The End of Troy - Remixby Finishing Move Inc.3:57
22.The End of Tyreen - Remixby Finishing Move Inc.4:18
23.Sanctuary 3 - Moxxi's Interlude 3by Mike Jones3:16

Disk #4

1.The Arrivalby Raison Varner4:38
2.The Arrival... Intensifiesby Raison Varner5:17
3.A Forgotten Spaceby Raison Varner6:32
4.Maliwan Is Hereby Raison Varner5:59
5.In Case It Wasn't Clear... TRAUNT!by Raison Varner5:55
6.The Machine Cryptby Raison Varner7:06
7.Action At The Machineby Raison Varner3:28
8.The Family Wants The Machineby Raison Varner5:22
9.Digby Vermouth - Supernova Dreamsicle (and Julian Peterson)by Raison Varner4:47