Born To Run (Remastered) mp3 Album by Bruce Springsteen

Born To Run (Remastered)by Bruce Springsteen

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:31


1.Thunder Road4:50
2.Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out3:11
5.Born to Run4:31
6.She's the One4:31
7.Meeting Across the River3:19
Because Sax
Waaay back in 1970-something I was kind of into jazz and kind of into pop rock and bought this album because there's a cool looking guy with a sax next to the scruffy looking guy with a nice guitar. Well, Bruce and Clarence captured my not to urban Wyoming self into their stories of thugs in New Jersey. Eventually bought a matching blonde guitar (though I didn't really realize why I wanted a blonde guitar when I bought it.) Tough guy love stories, and just great sounds.