Boss Hogg Outlaws (Mixed, Chopped and Screwed) mp3 Album by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

Boss Hogg Outlaws (Mixed, Chopped and Screwed)by E.S.G. & Slim Thug

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:43


1.Swished Intro (feat. Michael Watts)1:16
2.Street Millionaire (feat. Lil' O)4:26
3.Thug It Up (feat. Bun B.)4:33
4.Watch Out (feat. H.A.W.K.)4:39
5.Here We Come4:58
6.Work That Thang4:43
7.We Ain't Trippin No Mo (feat. Z-Ro)4:26
8.Bonus Flow3:18
9.Smoke Break1:21
10.I'm the Boss4:43
11.Get Ya Hands Up4:02
12.Murder Weapon6:18
14.Ride With You4:00
15.Dirty South (feat. Carmen Sandiego)5:10
16.Down Here (feat. Lil' KeKe)5:01
17.Mash For Our Cash (feat. Mr. Que)4:48
18.E.S.G. & Slim Thee3:48
19.Boss Hoggin Now4:02

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