Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3 mp3 Soundtrack by Christophe Beck

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3by Christophe Beck

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:25


1.Anne: Deliveranceby Christophe Beck2:48
2.Lovers' Walk: Loneliness of Sixby Christophe Beck1:52
3.Amends: Dublin 1838by Christophe Beck1:11
4.Amends: Dreaming Ofby Christophe Beck1:46
5.Amends: Magic Snow Musicby Christophe Beck3:30
6.The Zeppo: Dead Guys With Bombsby Christophe Beck3:10
7.Choices: Into the Mayor's Lairby Christophe Beck3:20
8.Graduation Day, Part One: Poison Arrowby Christophe Beck1:56
9.Graduation Day, Part One: Faith's Endby Christophe Beck3:36
10.Band Candy: Tai Chiby Christophe Beck1:18
11.Band Candy: Sugar Highby Christophe Beck1:55
12.The Wish: Bizarro Sunnydaleby Christophe Beck2:03
13.The Wish: Blood Machineby Christophe Beck2:31
14.The Wish: Slayer's Elegyby Christophe Beck1:50
15.Helpless: Betrayalby Christophe Beck1:10
16.Helpless: Kralik's Houseby Christophe Beck3:47
17.Helpless: A Father's Loveby Christophe Beck1:55
18.Doppelgängland: Alt. Willowby Christophe Beck3:35
19.The Prom: Deadly Belovedby Christophe Beck1:49
20.The Prom: The Beginning of the Endby Christophe Beck1:51
21.The Prom: Class Protectorby Christophe Beck1:57
22.Graduation Day, Part Two: Aftermathby Christophe Beck1:42
23.Graduation Day, Part Two: Drink Meby Christophe Beck1:23
24.Graduation Day, Part Two: Little Miss Muffetby Christophe Beck2:42
25.Graduation Day, Part Two: Warby Christophe Beck1:37
26.Graduation Day, Part Two: One Last Lookby Christophe Beck1:11