Butchered At Birth (2002 Rerelease) mp3 Album by Cannibal Corpse

Butchered At Birth (2002 Rerelease)by Cannibal Corpse

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 36:34


1.Meat Hook Sodomy5:47
3.Living Dissection4:00
4.Under The Rotted Flesh5:04
5.Covered With Sores3:17
6.Vomit The Soul4:30
7.Butchered At Birth2:45
8.Rancid Amputation3:16
9.Innards Decay4:39
This is the most disgusting music that I have ever heard. A whole genre dedicated to singing about violence and NOTHING other than that? No thanks.That's horrible.Stay away from these guys people. Save your money and don't waste one penny on them cuz even if this album went as low as a penny,due to the disgusting lyrics it is still a waste spending one cent on them. They are horrible people. The only reason I checked this out is because my friend liked these guys and I wanted to know what he was listening to. I hope he reads the lyrics and realizes that these guys are disgusting and evil. These guys are sick. Horrible. One star for them but that is only because I can't give them the rating they deserve which is Zero stars.