C89 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists
  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:58:31


Disk #1

1.Come in Come Outby The La's2:15
2.Tom Verlaineby The Family Cat3:55
3.Which Way Should I Jumpby Milltown Brothers3:52
4.Nothingby The Telescopes5:25
5.Inside Outby Brighter4:07
6.Lionsby New Fast Automatic Daffodils3:51
7.Let It Happenby Red Chair Fadeaway1:39
8.Do It Againby Korova Milk Bar3:13
9.Adam's Songby The Sun and the Moon3:40
10.White Pearlby Bobby Scarlet2:32
11.It's a Beautiful Dayby The Ogdens3:17
12.Freedom Tripby The Seers4:29
13.That's Where Caroline Livesby The Candy Darlings3:00
14.Break the Strainby The Rainkings2:34
15.Confidenceby Po!3:03
16.Sad Anneby The Bardots4:20
17.Sun and Moonby The Onset2:45
18.Days in the Sunby The Ammonites3:20
19.Captain Elasticby Rorschach1:51
20.Another Friendly Faceby How Many Beans Make Five3:10
21.Commonplaceby Hey Paulette3:04
22.That's My Girlby Jane Pow1:53
23.Cheatin' My Heartby Kit3:29
24.Sheriff Fatmanby Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine4:46

Disk #2

1.Going Downby The Stone Roses2:50
2.Waiting for the Winterby The Popguns3:16
3.Wicker Manby The Mock Turtles3:45
4.What Will We Do Next?by The Orchids2:55
5.My Love Is Like a Gift You Can't Returnby The Man From Delmonte3:09
6.Green Sea Blueby The Revolving Paint Dream2:27
7.I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Wellby The Pooh Sticks1:31
8.Just Good Friendsby The Bridewell Taxis3:20
9.You Should All Be Murderedby Another Sunny Day4:40
10.Doctor Good and His Incredible Life Saving Soapby Driscolls2:31
11.How Can You Say You Really Feel?by The Charlottes2:41
12.Swimming in the Heart of Janeby Treeboundstory4:02
13.Fingerdipsby The Prayers3:48
14.Dole Boys on Futonsby The Snapdragons4:00
15.One Thingby Barbel2:33
16.Briar Roseby Choo Choo Train3:25
17.Skyriderby Holidaymakers4:33
18.It's Up to You (Previously Unissued)by Fallover 244:23
19.Biscuits in a Tinby Thrilled Skinny1:42
20.A Million Milesby Brian4:39
21.Plastic Bag From Tescosby The Wilderness Children2:11
22.10,000 Miles (Previously Unissued)by Moss Poles5:08
23.Fisherman's Friendby The Haywains2:02
24.Bombs Away on Harpurheyby King of the Slums4:15

Disk #3

1.Picking Up the Bitter Little Piecesby The Claim3:16
2.Swallowby A Riot of Colour4:43
3.Friendsby The Daisycutters2:15
4.Tony Hadleyby The Peruvian Hipsters4:02
5.This Big Loveby The Cherry Orchard3:56
6.Welcomeby Ambitious Beggars2:40
7.Thomas Wolfeby The DaVincis3:56
8.Big Carby AVO-83:21
9.The Most Beautiful Girl in Townby The Becketts5:21
10.Bubble Busby The Sunflowers2:56
11.Passionby L. Kage3:09
12.Tell Me Nowby Strawberry Story2:03
13.Wherever I Go (demo)by Newsflash3:35
14.All You Ever Sayby The Mayfields2:52
15.Burn Your Books & Join My Lifeby The Ruth Ellis Swing Band3:04
16.Your Love Isby Christine's Cat2:10
17.Say What You Feelby Said Liquidator3:16
18.Annabel Leeby Jane From Occupied Europe2:39
19.Sun Still Shinesby Big Red Bus4:07
20.The Coldest Waterby Men of Westenesse3:38
21.Mr. Watt Saidby The Church Grims3:52
22.Pull the Plugby The Jactars2:35
23.Surfing Daysby Me and Dean Martin2:56
24.Seven Red Applesby The Rain2:53

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