Café Solaire 20 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Café Solaire 20by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:41


Disk #1

1.Shizukaby Naoki Kenji5:19
2.Feel the Lightby Clélia Felix4:28
3.Northern Lightsby Nigel Hayes4:43
4.Adventby Forces Of Nature5:24
5.Feel Me (Deep mix)by Sambox5:11
6.Stratos 57by Naoki Kenji5:16
7.Halo (Joe Morris remix)by Motif5:20
8.Saxy Girl (Deep Mmix)by Sambox4:53
9.Everythingby Berny5:21
10.Timelessby Forces Of Nature4:35
11.Jazz Funkby Nigel Hayes5:15
12.Blooming Flowersby Clélia Felix3:05
13.Tu Momentoby Naoki Kenji4:58
14.Hive Mindby Forces Of Nature4:54
15.Baila Masby Sambox4:50
16.Si Loin de Toutby Julien Auclair5:03

Disk #2

1.Sea Feverby Acid Andee4:20
2.Feel the Crowd (and Miami Ice)by Pretty Criminals5:04
3.Love's Peace of Mind (No Solution remix) (and Muscle feat. Christopher McCray)by Harley5:14
4.On a Tip (Phil Weeks remix) (feat. Gareth Whitehead)by Tom Taylor5:10
5.The Love We Had (Miguel Migs original vocal) (feat. Peven Everett)by Miguel Migs4:08
6.Peace of Mind (Soul45 original mix)by Carolyn Harding, Nermin5:10
7.Take Your Time (Random Soul Classics mix) (feat. Kristen Pearson)by Random Soul4:54
8.Whatupdoe (Tha D)by Pirahnahead5:25
9.Magic in Your Eyes (Giom remix) (feat. Frank H Carter III)by YSE4:54
10.Feeling Meby Acid Andee4:39
11.I Want Cha (DJ MFR Deep mix) (feat. Lisa Shaw)by New Mondo4:39
12.The Deepness (main mix)by Bukusoul4:39
13.Magical (Harley & Muscle Deep mix) (feat. Dawn Tallman)by Silvia Zaragoza5:10
14.I Don't Want Love (feat. Frank H Carter III)by YSE4:41
15.Forbidden Love (feat. Nicole Mitchell)by Distant People4:54
16.Wipe Ur Mouthby Demarkus Lewis5:05

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