Café Solaire 24 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Café Solaire 24by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:00:52


Disk #1

1.For the Headsby Slum Science4:03
2.Blue Moonby Lemongrass6:10
3.Doesn'tby Pawel Kobak3:30
4.Dreamsby Nigel Hayes4:07
5.Widflower Meadowby Placid Larry5:17
6.Endless Dreamby Clelia Felix3:57
7.Make It Mineby Nigel Hayes6:11
8.The Jazzy Beatby Pawel Kobak2:01
9.Summer Vibesby Clelia Felix3:32
10.Anti Gravitiby Nigel Hayes7:57
11.Fallout (Urban City Lounge Mix)by Jazzy System5:57
12.Good Morningby Dreamhunter3:55
13.Weil er da ist (feat. Sine)by Merge of Equals5:13
14.Barcelona Beatby Pawel Kobak4:00
15.Rolling with the Punchesby Nigel Hayes8:21
16.Better Bluesby Sambox5:54

Disk #2

1.So Much Musicby Donnwell5:46
2.Taxi Dancersby Tojami Sessions5:04
3.Stronger Than Love (feat. Janice)by David Xag6:30
4.Did You Know (Mr. Moons Deep Touch Remix) (feat. Axel B.)by BK Duke6:29
5.The Futureby Adam Twelve7:20
6.Happy Music (Jay-J's Shifted up Mix)by Jay-J5:38
7.70 LBS of Ghettoby Slum Science6:30
8.Sweet Tone (Harley & Muscle Caio Deep Mix)by Ryo-Chin7:18
9.Make It (Deeper) (Dub Mix)by Cat Carson5:08
10.The Kiss (Short Break Edit) (and Nika Belaya feat. Syntheticsax)by Timian6:07
11.Blind Love (and Eric Costa)by Joan Ribas7:16
12.All I Need (Artone Afro Dub Mix) (feat. Marina)by Artone5:37
13.Coming Home (Silver Tongue)by Bjarno6:54
14.In Your Presenceby Karu5:28
15.Around Me (Linha Boys Remix)by Marga Sol6:42
16.Space Cowboysby Tojami Sessions7:00

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