Call & Response by We Were Giants

Call & Response

by We Were Giants

  • 1 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:51


1.Call & Response3:51

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Jean Chushkata
Hailing from Boise, Idaho, ‘We Were Giants’ are a slick, modern and ambitious band whose promising ‘Call & Response’ single is full of catchy hooks, rapid-fire beats and guitar chops dripping with addictive melody which will stay with you after the song is done.

The opening chant is tribal, and somehow reminiscent of Bastille, a melody line which the crowd can pick-up and chant. Blake’s clean vocals and Kenenth’s screams blend well and create a wall of sound which is rousing, epic and yet dynamic – full of nuances and colours which the excellent production helps to shine. Perhaps the song is too safe in this sense - it is heavy bur radio-friendly and almost hints, rather than manifests the band's full potential. This is understandable but suggests that even at this stage the band is capable of greater things.

‘Call & Response’ moves from tuneful, soulful almost melody to hardcore breakdowns with crushing screams and, for one, I like the contrast and passion in the delivery. If anything, the tune is over too quickly, the final scram falling into silence and the listener can’t help but wish for more!