Call of Duty: Black Ops III Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Jack Wall

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Soundtrackby Jack Wall

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:37:38


1.I Live (Electronic Version) [Brian Tuey]by Jack Wall3:52
2.The Frozen Forestby Jack Wall2:55
3.Prologue / Black Opsby Jack Wall4:13
4.New World / From the Brink of Deathby Jack Wall3:17
5.Sarah Hallby Jack Wall1:24
6.Chasing Secretsby Jack Wall1:58
7.The 54 Immortalsby Jack Wall1:48
8.Shanty Town / Riding the Tempestby Jack Wall1:18
9.Into the Q Zoneby Jack Wall2:01
10.In Darknessby Jack Wall1:39
11.Cloud Mountainby Jack Wall2:06 Jack Wall1:46
13.Ignition [Brian Tuey]by Jack Wall3:46
14.Coalescenceby Jack Wall0:41
15.Horrors at the Siloby Jack Wall3:18
16.Diazby Jack Wall2:29
17.Vengeanceby Jack Wall3:09
18.Burn / Rescueby Jack Wall2:26
19.Future Soldiersby Jack Wall3:14
20.Retreatby Jack Wall1:39
21.Ramses Stationby Jack Wall2:40
22.Interrogating Salimby Jack Wall1:59
23.Safehouse [Brian Tuey]by Jack Wall2:01
24.Liberty Roadby Jack Wall2:53
25.Dreamsby Jack Wall6:25
26.A World Upside Downby Jack Wall4:01
27.Ego Vivoby Jack Wall2:20
28.Therapyby Jack Wall2:32
29.Sand Castleby Jack Wall3:16
30.Lotus Towersby Jack Wall2:33
31.What Has Taylor Become?by Jack Wall1:37
32.Leviathanby Jack Wall2:13
33.I Live (Orchestral Version) (feat. Brian Tuey)by Jack Wall3:31
34.Cold Hard Cashby Jack Wall3:48
35.Snakeskin Bootsby Jack Wall3:01
36.Double-Tap Rootbeerby Jack Wall0:52
37.Mulekickby Jack Wall0:37
38.Revive Sodaby Jack Wall0:38
39.Jugger-Nogby Jack Wall0:22
40.Widow's Wineby Jack Wall0:45
41.Speed Colaby Jack Wall0:35