Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare (Original Game Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Sarah Schachner

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare (Original Game Soundtrack)by Sarah Schachner

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:48:04


1.Modern Warfare Main Themeby Sarah Schachner3:26
2.Piccadilly Circusby Sarah Schachner5:16
3.Going Darkby Sarah Schachner3:23
4.Highwayby Sarah Schachner6:38
5.Farahby Sarah Schachner3:16
6.Trespassby Sarah Schachner0:56
7.Know Your Enemyby Sarah Schachner4:44
8.Clean Houseby Sarah Schachner3:15
9.Old Comradesby Sarah Schachner3:02
10.Hometownby Sarah Schachner4:03
11.Danger Closeby Sarah Schachner4:48
12.Until Sunriseby Sarah Schachner2:07
13.Rooftopby Sarah Schachner3:19
14.Captiveby Sarah Schachner5:43
15.The Labby Sarah Schachner4:02
16.One Way Tripby Sarah Schachner2:22
17.Safehouseby Sarah Schachner4:55
18.Off Limitsby Sarah Schachner3:26
19.Threat Assessmentby Sarah Schachner5:36
20.Fog of Warby Sarah Schachner5:24
21.Embassyby Sarah Schachner4:48
22.Draw the Lineby Sarah Schachner1:39
23.Marinesby Sarah Schachner2:34
24.He Wolf's Denby Sarah Schachner4:18
25.Worse Than Warby Sarah Schachner2:04
26.St. Petersburgby Sarah Schachner3:58
27.Execute Authorityby Sarah Schachner2:00
28.Into the Furnaceby Sarah Schachner3:16
29.Collateralby Sarah Schachner3:46