Carved Into Stone mp3 Album by Prong
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:26


1.Eternal Heat3:53
2.Keep On Living in Pain3:43
4.Revenge...Best Served Cold4:23
5.State of Rebellion3:55
6.Put Myself to Sleep3:46
7.List of Grievances2:55
8.Carved Into Stone5:23
10.Path of Least Resistance4:16
Mike C.
This is Prong's Comeback Album of the Year. This one is a barn-burner from start to finish. The major standout tracks are "Carved Into Stone," "Eternal Heat," "Revenge...Best Served Cold. One of the most infectious tracks is "Put Myself to Sleep." It has an infectious chorus that you'll be singing for days afterwards. Great Metal/Thrash Metal album with very catchy choruses. One of the best of 2012.