Celtschmerz: Live UK 98 mp3 Live by Richard Thompson
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:08


1.Turning of the Tide3:35
2.How Will I Ever Be Simple Again3:35
3.Why Must I Plead4:30
4.Poor Ditching Boy3:17
5.When The Spell Is Broken4:53
6.Last Shift3:30
8.Keep Your Distance3:51
9.Walking on a Wire4:36
10.A Heart Needs a Home (feat. Teddy Thompson)4:08
11.She May Call You Up Tonight (feat. Teddy Thompson)2:18
12.Persuasion (feat. Teddy Thompson)4:19
13.Razor Dance (feat. Teddy Thompson)3:49
14.Beat the Retreat4:43
15.Wall of Death (feat. Teddy Thompson)4:37
16.Tear Stained Letter (feat. Teddy Thompson)4:43