Chicago (2009-05-22) mp3 Live by Chickenfoot

Chicago (2009-05-22)by Chickenfoot

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:45:11


1.Avenida Revolution7:26
2.Soap On A Rope6:54
3.Sexy Little Thing4:22
4.Sammy Talk1:47
5.Oh Yeah6:18
6.Sammy Talk1:47
7.Runnin' Out4:44
8.Get It Up7:18
9.Down The Drain7:45
11.Sammy Talk2:13
12.My Kinda Girl4:21
13.Learning To Fall6:33
14.Turning Left7:58
15.Crowd/Sammy Talk6:12
16.The Future In The Past8:16
17.Sammy Talk2:02
18.Bad Motor Scooter10:41
19.Highway Star8:34

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