Chicken Heads: A 50-Year History of Bobby Rush mp3 Artist Compilation by Bobby Rush

Chicken Heads: A 50-Year History of Bobby Rushby Bobby Rush

  • 74 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:49:39


2.Let Me Love You2:38
3.Sock Boo Ga Loo2:38
4.Much Too Much2:38
5.Gotta Have Money2:43
6.Camel Walk2:51
7.Wake Up2:44
8.The Things That I Used to Do3:15
9.Let It All Hang Out2:41
10.Just Be Yourself2:20
11.Done Got Good to Me Pt. 13:06
12.Chicken Heads2:34
13.Mary Jane2:24
14.Gotta Be Funky3:13
15.Gotta Find You Girl3:10
16.Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man Part 12:30
17.Niki Hoeky2:59
18.She's a Good 'Un3:01
19.Get Our of Here Part 12:41
20.I'm Still Waiting3:15
21.She Put the Whammy on Me3:26
22.I Wanna Do the Do3:30
23.Hey Western Union Man3:23
24.Let's Do It Together3:35
25.Be Still4:33
26.Talk to Your Daughter3:01
27.Sue (single version)3:51
28.Making a Decision (single version)3:36
29.Bertha Jean (single version)3:35
30.What's Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander4:13
31.Dr. Funk3:41
32.Never Would Have Thought It4:37
33.A Man Can Give It (But He Can't take It)4:14
34.Nine Below Zero4:24
35.I Ain't Studdin' You (single version)3:49
36.You, You, You (Know What to Do)4:11
37.Time to Hit the Road Again4:36
38.I'm Gone3:43
39.Handy Man5:40
40.One Monkey Don't Stop No Show4:15
41.Hen Pecked5:54
42.She's So Fine4:59
43.Buttermilk Bottom4:27
44.Big Fat Woman5:23
45.Booga Bear4:44
46.Hoochie Man5:27
48.He Got My Attention4:14
49.Always on My Mind3:41
50.Wet Match4:41
51.Undercover Lover4:30
52.Tough Titty5:45
53.When She Loves Ya (Rough mix)3:48
54.Evil (live)3:47
55.Ride in My Automobile4:42
56.River's Invitation4:11
57.Feeling Good (Pt. 1)5:01
58.Night Fishin'4:36
59.Take Me to the River5:50
60.Help Me4:54
61.Howlin' Wolf3:59
62.Uncle Esau3:58
63.What's Goin' On4:24
64.I Got 3 Problems4:15
65.Blind Snake4:59
66.Show You a Good Time3:45
67.Down in Louisiana4:00
68.You Just Like a Dresser3:50
69.Swing Low5:30
70.Another Murder in New Orleans4:59
71.Sittin' Here Waitin'5:05
72.If That's the Way You Like It3:00
73.Push and Pull4:07
74.Dedication (excerpt)2:54