Chill Out Ibiza: Ultimate Collection - Best Of Lounge Classics 2012 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Chill Out Ibiza: Ultimate Collection - Best Of Lounge Classics 2012by Various Artists

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:58


1.All the Time - New Horizonby Liquid Motion4:50
2.Future Sound of Ibiza (Pacha Balearic dub)by Signfield3:48
3.Seahorse Theme (re-edit)by Dolphin's Talk4:30
4.Be Chilled (Bargrooves Chillhouse remix)by Sirius & Nyla4:10
5.The Beach & The City (Ambient House mix)by Sex Drive3:35
6.Blue Marlin (Juan Padilla Serve Chilled remix)by El Segundo4:10
7.Gregorian Illuminati (Buddha Bar remix)by Eno Motive4:13
8.Journey to Infinity (Space Night dub)by Polar Dreamer4:59
9.Una de La Noche (Cafe Lounge mix)by Canis3:53
10.I Have a Dream (Chillout mix)by Jon Crusoe4:26
11.La Fantasia Del Mundo (Juan Padilla mix)by Sol Y Mar Presents Natascha3:42
12.Balearic Mind (Cafe Del Mar remix)by El Fuego3:33
13.I'm Calling Out (No Coldplay on the Beach dub)by Blue Metheny3:41
14.It's a New Day, It's a New Dawn (Chill House dub)by Hideaway4:41
15.Believe in Love (dub Armada remix)by Endless Summer4:08
16.Sunrise Theme (Sunset Ashram mix)by Signfield4:03
17.Beautiful (dub edit)by Floatation4:23
18.Bambuddha Groove (Dining Room dub)by Bhangralution3:38
19.Doux Mystere IVby Alain Sylvain3:33
20.It's Too Late (K & D Ambient dub)by Mar Y Sol4:06
21.How Can I Explain (Signfield remix)by Mezzanine4:27
22.Space Night Bubbles (Eno Motive remix)by En'Deavour3:58
23.The Spirit of Nature (Cafe Lounge mix)by The Spirit Of Nature3:32
24.Yo Le Le (Wave dub)by Sirius & Nyla3:41
25.Love Parade Lovers (World Series of Lounge mix)by Dreamdancer4:22
26.Enigma Machine, Part 2by Timecode3:32
27.Moments in Love, Part 3by Sonar4:30
28.Don't Be So Shy (Sirius & Nyla mix)by Blue Metheny4:02
29.Ojos de Sol (Cafe Lounge mix)by De Santos3:43
30.Playa Del Mar (Cocoon Beach dub)by Starlive Café3:40
31.Prism (Winter Chill mix)by Polar Dreamer4:55
32.To the Sky (short version)by Liquid Motion3:51
33.The Ocean (Goldtripp remix)by Oxygene4:03
34.Infinity (Remastered remix)by Sirius & Nyla4:50
35.La Strada - Turn Off the Lightsby Canis4:00
36.Sunday 3PM (Kenji club remix)by Signfield4:35
37.La Serenissima (Chillhouse Oasis dub)by Off-Shore4:44
38.Watching the Stars (Calabria Inc mix)by El Fuego4:31