Chillout King Ibiza: The Relax Smoothie mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Chillout King Ibiza: The Relax Smoothieby Various Artists

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:36:07


1.A Dream Comes True (Red Horizon mix)by Chillwalker5:12
2.Sun Addicted (Pure Beach cut)by DJ Maretimo4:54
3.Relax @ the Beach (Tranquility Conga cut)by Sean Hayman5:29
4.Caribbean Cream Cake (Tropical mix)by Cafe Americaine6:01
5.Don't Call Me (Massive mix)by Cinematic5:58
6.Sandrunner (The Surfers cut)by Cocogroove5:33
7.Smooth Chillin' (Endless Waves mix)by Vladi Strecker9:20
8.Mare Mystico (Flow da Waves cut)by DJ Maretimo6:22
9.Before Sunrise (Solaris mix)by Manoa5:44
10.Seaview (Open Sea mix)by Cafe Americaine5:13
11.Accept Yourself (Ocean Wave mix)by Vladi Strecker7:43
12.A Weekend in Barcelona (A Walk on the Beach mix)by Stereo Gringos4:48
13.City Pictures (Cosmopolitan house mix)by Pascal Dubois5:04
14.Chilling Flight (Orbit mix) (feat. Lolita Martinez)by Cafe Americaine5:34
15.Fading Sunshine (Horizon mix)by Floating Clouds5:57
16.Samoa Skipper (Sailing mix)by DJ Maretimo4:53
17.Khamsin (Chill cut)by Dreamscape5:24
18.Espirito Brasileiro (Beach mix)by Stereo Gringos5:04
19.Cave of Waterdrop (Dive Into mix)by JOY6:51
20.Summer Flow (Beachparty cut)by DJ Maretimo5:19
21.Blue Night (Atmosphere mix)by Paradise Blue5:21
22.Saltwater Experience (Jazzgroove mix)by Cocogroove5:12
23.Khuma (Ethnic Fly cut)by Sean Hayman5:55
24.Tobago Transfer (Sad Waves mix)by Cafe Americaine4:26
25.C U Again (Chill 2 Step mix)by Airstream7:07
26.Una Historia de La Mar (Siesta Stories mix)by DJ Maretimo6:38
27.A New Day Has Come (Seaside mix)by Skysurfer5:19
28.Celtic Trace (Triaphon Trip)by Bay Area7:16
29.A Time Far Away (Mysterious cut)by Hypnotic4:16
30.Artico Purcente (Orbit mix)by Richard Van Arp4:30
31.Chillout King Ibiza: The Relax Smoothie (continuous mix)by DJ Maretimo2:43:44